Crossroads Covenant - Darkness Falls

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 20 08:55 -0400 GMT
Phase Two of our Crossroads Covenant event is now live! 

Deep within the heart of the ominous abyss known as Darkness Falls, demonic forces awaken and gather strength, plotting to seize control and plunge the realms into eternal darkness. As the malevolent power rises, the valiant  Vigilant Order assembles, uniting beneath the banner of righteousness in an epic struggle against the demonic forces.

Players must first speak to Gwynn at their realm's relic towns to claim their Phase One rewards (if all 3 phase 1 quests have been completed), and begin Phase Two by accepting the quest offered:

  • Demonic Path - [Into the Breach] Foothold
  • Vigilant Path - [Paving the Way] Crusade
Players can also speak to Gwynn to give him their old Demonic or Vigilant cloak to turn in for a house vaultable version.

New Mythirians

Gwynn's quest will offer you a choice of 1 of 6 new Mythirians. These Mythirians start at level 0 and must be leveled to 10 through completing event quests in Darkness Falls.

For a list of the Phase 2 Mythirians and stats, please click here.

Note: Mythirians grow in power in Phase 3

Phase Two Quest Details

Speak to Gwynn to join the [fight] in Darkness Falls! You do not need to run to Darkness Falls to enter, Gwynn will port you.

Demonic Path
  • [Into the Breach] When in Rome - Defeat 30 enemies in Darkness Falls to feed your tome, repeatable
  • [Into the Breach] Competition - Defeat 2 Princes or Princess to feed your tome, repeatable
Vigilant Path
  • [Paving the Way] Homewrecker - Defeat 30 enemies in Darkness Falls to restore your circlet, repeatable
  • [Paving the Way] Extermination - Defeat 2 Princes or Princess to restore your circlet, repeatable
Players must speak to their path's quest giver to activate each new level earned on their Mythrian. Progress is saved as quests are repeated.

  • Reminder! Buggane and Battlefield pots (all types) will not stack with the event buff. Battlefield pots will coexist but not be active. Buggane pots will overwrite the event buff RP%. A charge will be used up if a player uses a Buggane or Battlefield pot. Mithril RP Bonus pots will stack with the event buffs.
  • Should your event buff run out while in Darkness Falls, please speak to the quest givers to refresh it.

Phase Three -  Old Frontiers Hadrian's Wall

On Monday. October 23rd, Phase Three goes live in the Old Frontiers region of Hadrian's Wall!

Details of Phase Three will follow on Monday morning!