Client Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Mar 28 15:09 -0400 GMT
More client updates below!

  • Users can now press the ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT modifiers when holding down their run forward keys without causing their character to stop.
    • In other words, characters will continue running forward if a user presses alt+<key>, ctrl+<key>, or shift+<key> while they are actively holding their run forward key down.
      • This change will need to have ALT and CTRL selected as a modifier in the /keyboard window to get their respective modifer+key /qbinds to function properly.
    • Please note that combinations that use the same key as the run forward key in the modifer+key may have undesired results:
      • For example: if a user's run forward key is W it is not recommended to bind an ability to alt+W, ctrl+W, or shift+W as those /qbinds will not properly fire until the user releases their foward key and then engages the modifer key+W; after which their character will both move forward and engage the modifer key+W ability /qbind.
    • Finally, please note that the SHIFT+UP key functionality to recall your last sent messages will still work but only after activating your chat cursor via hitting the Enter key or the / key. It will no longer work when chat mode isn't already engaged.
  • Users will no longer become mouselook locked when mouse-clicking the top or left side of a windowed client.
  • Key input functionality should be restored.
    • This should fix issues with the keyboard no longer working after using alt+tab or other Windows OS functionality for certain users and should alleviate several issues with certain 3rd party programs for all users.