Celebrating Midsummer

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Aug 03 16:34 -0400 GMT
The Spirit of War returns! Enjoy our celebration of Midsummer starting today through Monday, August 15th!

  • Earn the Midsummer's Medal of Valor by proving yourself to the Spirit of War!
    • Earned the necklace last year? Don't worry, you can get it again this year!
  • Simply locate the Spirit of War at Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, Dun Crauchon, or traversing over Ellan Vannin and you will receive the Righteous Vengence! (Albion), Mark for Slaughter! (Midgard), or Complete Annihilation! (Hibernia) quest.
    • This quest is repeatable and will auto-complete but you'll have to return to the Spirit of War to get it again!
    • Please make sure your pending quest list has room!
    • Complete the quest 10 times to earn the Recognition of Valor quest and receive your Medal of Valor!
    • Earn bonus Realm and Bounty points for each completion of the quest!