Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines II

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 18 08:29 -0400 GMT
Again Albion’s frontiers were devastated by marauding hordes from Midgard and Hibernia. Hibernia established a beachhead around Caer Berkstead while Midgard temporarily dominated the west of the frontiers. Albion managed to hold onto Midgard’s strength relic but lost theirs to Midgard when the gate of Castle Excalibur was broken open Sunday afternoon and Enoch carried it away.

The Battle Herald could barely keep up with the action -  Albion’s relic was taken when major Albion forces lead by Slapmefrist started to re-claim their frontier. The Battle Herald witnessed fights around Caer Erasleigh when Midgardian fighters following Grrball tried to keep hold of their beachhead.

After the situation changed around midnight and the Horn of Valhalla was stolen by Madesen and his men, our Battle Herald had the chance to get a short statement from King Erik: ‘Damn Can-wearers think they can beat us? No bløødy way! By Odin we’ll grab ‘em by their [deleted by editorial] and then we’ll bash’em all day løng!’