Announcing Dark Age of Camelot's Newest Expansion

Posted by Community | 2015 Apr 01 06:00 -0400 GMT

Atlantis Rising


  • The magic of the ancient Atlanteans has returned to the lands of Atlantis. What was once mostly half-submerged is now an entire floating continent!
  • As Trials of Atlantis introduced underwater swimming, Atlantis Rising is pleased to announce the ability to FLY!
  • Explore the formerly submerged halls and caves of the old Trials of Atlantis dungeons and see what new monsters have taken up residence.
  • Earn Master Level 50 by proving yourself in brand new trials and encounters that make the ToA raids seem quick and easy!
  • Discover the 210 new Master Level abilities! 
  • Find all 40 scrolls to unlock and activate each new, even more powerful Artifact! Will you be the first to get yours to level 100!?
  • Play as one of the three new races - Archangel, Aesir, and Daone Maithe - who gifted the realms with the power of flight!

World Notes

  • The Trials of Atlantis zones are now a floating continent.
    • Players will need to wait at the new landing pad outside the Ruins of Atlantis for the Pegasi that will take them to this familiar, yet entirely changed land every 30 minutes!
    • 20 new, previously submerged dungeons and areas are now available for exploration!
  • With the magic returning to Atlantis and the newly added player flight, the Celestius zone has effectively been expanded to the size of New Frontiers!
    • Battle your sworn realm enemies in tons of space - and literal Space!


  • Thousands of encounters have been revamped, improved, and added to the floating continent of Atlantis!
    • We hereby guarantee these encounters to be bug-free!
  • Raid times for most dungeons and new Master Levels are projected to be in the 7 to 15 hour range!
    • NOTE: Projected raid times may be longer if a battlegroup does not have the full 200 people.

Class Balance

  • The 210 new Master Level abilities will be extensions off of the existing 7 Master Level lines.
  • These new abilities will grant exciting powers to characters that have never been seen before.
    • We do not anticipate these new abilities affecting the balance of the Realm vs Realm combat you know and love!


  • 820 new Artifacts await discovery!
    • Each artifact requires 40 scrolls to be found in order to activate it.
      • Scrolls can only be found on certain monsters.
    • Once activated, its stats will be obtained as the artifact is leveled. Each new artifact has 100 levels!
      • Each artifact has a different leveling-mechanic; our favorite of which involves trolls and lurikeens!


  • The Archangel race is now available in Albion
    • Archangels can be any Albion class except Heretic, Necromancer, or Reaver:  each of which they are required to attack on sight.
    • Archangels are excellent flyers, using the wings on their backs. They therefore grant any grouped players with the ability to fly.
      • When flying, groupmates are encouraged to hold on tightly to the Archangel's feet while their powerful wings carry them all skyward.
  • The Aesir race is now available in Midgard
    • The Aesir can be any Midgard class except Thanes because Thor has a monopoly on lightning in Asgard and won't share with the other gods.
    • The Aesir grant any grouped players with the ability to fly; because they're gods.
  • The Daone Maithe race is now available in Hibernia
    • The diminutive, fairy-like Daone Maithe can be any class except Valewalker, Hero, or Champion due to the weight of the weapons wielded by those classes.
    • The Daone Maithe sprinkle pixy dust on any grouped players in order to grant them the ability to fly.
      • NOTE: Grouped members are also encouraged to think of a happy thought in cases where pixy dust runs out.

There you have it, friend! Atlantis Rising should be available in December, 3026.