1.119 Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 03 15:35 -0500 GMT
1.119 is out and Ellan Vannin has been a huge hit so far! We're thrilled to see everyone enjoying the new zone and have watched many an epic battle there!

Below are some fixes and notes that have just been put up to all live servers. Keep your feedback and bug reports coming!

  • The hitpoints on the Obelisk Rubble have been reduced.
  • The hitpoints on the Buggane's Obelisks have been reduced slightly.
  • The postern doors of Knoc Meayll, the underground keep on Ellan Vannin, now teleport players inside the inner gate of the keep instead of just onto the ledge inside the outer gate. 
  • Players that have obtained Uther's, Ymir's, or Cliodna's Otherworldly Resilient Cloak can now visit the Royal Illuminator in their realm's throne room to trade in their Resilient cloak for any of the 4 Chapter 9 cloak rewards.
    • Players need only have a Resilient cloak in their inventory in order to initiate the trade-in quest.
  • Personally placed scout boats, galleons, and warships can once again be driven in the frontier zones.
  • Trials of Atlantis ferry boats once again move along their pre-determined routes.
  • (Gaheris-only) Manannan mac Lir has been made more difficult.