1.114D Comes to Live Servers!

Posted by Community | 2014 Jan 13 18:33 -0500 GMT

Live servers will be coming down for patch 1.114D tomorrow, January 14th, at 5:45AM EDT / 1145 CET. Servers are expected to come up by 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET.
Patch 1.114D includes some of the smaller changes and bug fixes from the 1.115 notes that are currently on Pendragon as well as some time-sensitive behind-the-scenes work. Please note that this update does not include any of the changes related to the New Frontiers Revamp as we are busy responding to your feedback on those plans and won’t be launching those until we think you’ll be happy with them!
Read below for the 1.114D Live Patch Notes! 

General Changes

  • The Housing Repossession timer has been reduced from 120 days of account inactivity to 60.
  • The Deathspam radius has been reduced to about 1.5 zone lengths.
  • The Realm War Map player location marker now shows proper player facing.
  • PBT spells no longer affect fire and forget pets, including theurgist pets.
  • All crafted item use timers have been reduced to 90 seconds (down from 180 seconds). This fixes the issue with celerity charges not being their proper re-use timer length.

Class Changes

  • The level 41 Magnetism ability, Gift of Precision, can now be cast while meleeing like the other level 41 specialization Mauler abilities in Power-Strikes and Aura Manipulation.


  • The endurance buff line of spells can now be cast while meleeing.


  • The endurance reduction buff line of spells can now be cast while meleeing.

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a fix for the “Endurance” bug. Note that this should fix all related issues with the interactions of damage add and magic ablative abilities.


  • Toxic Poisons can once again be crafted.


  • Infernal starkakedja (acuity) sleeves have had 1 point of strength removed from them and 2% spell damage added to them to put them in line with the other realm’s versions.


  • Travel Quests between PvE Hubs in the three realms have been fixed so that they can now be completed.