Leirvik Weekend Event Concluded

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Sep 06 09:20 -0400 GMT
The Leirvik Weekend Event has concluded. The teleporters have retired and the battleground access has been returned to its normal restrictions, giving the soil time to recover from the bloodshed and the trampling hordes that rushed over it all weekend long.

We enjoyed the massive battles!

Leirvik Weekend Event!

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Sep 02 08:17 -0400 GMT


Beginning Friday, September 2nd, 2011 we will be running a Battleground Event on Ywain which will open Leirvik, the level 40-44 battleground, to all players regardless of character or realm level! Normal RP and BP will be awarded for slaying your enemies. The Battleground Event will continue through the holiday weekend and conclude on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011.

Version 1.109c Comes to Pendragon - 08/31

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Aug 30 13:33 -0400 GMT

Update 5:20 pm EDT: Pendragon is available again. Enjoy the new version!

Update 2:00 pm EDT: Pendragon is now offline.


We will be bringing the Pendragon Test Server offline for maintenance on Wednesday, 08/31, at 2:00 PM EDT (20:00 CEST). During this maintenance we will be implementing the first version of Patch 1.109c. At this time we anticipate that Pendragon will be back online no later than 5:30 PM EDT/23:30 CEST.

Please read the Pendragon Patch Notes. Be sure to check the Herald for updates regarding this downtime.

Account Center Maintenance - 08/29

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Aug 29 11:35 -0400 GMT
Update 5:00 pm EDT: The Account Center is back online.


We will bring down the Account Center for a short maintenance at 4:15 pm EDT today. During the maintenance you will not be able to change subscription, redeem game codes or transfer characters.

At the moment we anticipate the Account Center to be back online at 6:30 pm EDT.

Thank you for your understanding.

Code Activation Maintenance in the Account Center

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Aug 24 14:02 -0400 GMT
Update 10:00 am EDT: Code activation has been re-enabled on the account center. You can once again enter game cards, item codes etc. in the account management under ‘Activate a Key’.


The process to activate will undergo an maintenance today. As a result, code activation on the account center will be disabled until tomorrow morning.

Please keep an eye on the Herald to learn when the activation is available again.

Archived Server Maintenance - 08/23

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Aug 23 07:35 -0400 GMT
Update 4:00 pm EDT: The archived servers are back online.


We will do a short maintenance on all archived servers today at 2:00 pm EDT. During this time character transfers will be unavailable.
At this time we anticipate the archived servers to be back online no later than 4 pm EDT.

See you in the frontiers!

Battle Herald: News from the Frontlines

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 22 11:24 -0400 GMT
Albion was wreathed in battle Sunday evening when Hibernian forces smashed Caer Sursbrook while Midgard sacked the keeps surrounding Hadrian’s wall. The defenders were not idle however, as groups of Albionian’s engaged the invaders at Boldiam and Berkstead. Just as the Hibernians were pushed south, the defenders were flanked by a Midgardian horde out of Caer Erasleigh.

Account Center Maintenance: Update - 8/22

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 22 11:14 -0400 GMT
Update: The Account Center is now online. Thank you for your patience.


We now anticipate the the Account Center will back online by 8:00pm EDT this evening.

Please check the Herald for any updates regarding the Account Center maintenance today.

We thank you again for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Account Center Maintenance - 8/22

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 19 14:18 -0400 GMT

Update: The Account Center is now offline.

Early next week the Account Center will be offline for an update. We will update you on expected downtime for both the account center and game servers as we know more.  We do not expect the combined downtime to take longer than several hours.

Over the past week we have gathered and evaluated player inputs on the account center, and will update and adjust account information based on this feedback.

Continue reading for more information!

Account Center Maintenance - 8/10

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 10 14:16 -0400 GMT

Update: The Account Center is now back online.

Update: The Account Center will be down until approximately 12:00am EDT August 13th. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


The Account Center will be down starting 11:30pm EDT tonight, Wednesday the 10th of August and remain down until 4:10pm EDT Friday the 12th of August for extended essential maintenance. If you have purchased gametime in the last few days please do not make an attempt to apply them until the account center is back up.  This will not affect you getting into the game to play.

Thank you for your patience.