Chapter 2
You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 2, and must have completed the prologue and Chapter 1. 


Once you've completed Chapter 1 and selected your reward, continue speaking with Master Burray to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Exploring the Spirit world.
Master Burray wants you to offer your assistance to Master Raystan at the Ruined Cottage.
Speak with Larrisa who will teleport you to the Ruined Cottage. She can be found near Lieutenant Haley to the east of Master Burray (loc: 48603, 15537, 3001)

Once teleported to the Ruined Cottage, speak with Master Raystan to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Observing the Observers.
Master Raystan wants you to find information from three spies near the Ruined Cottage.

Find and defeat:
  • Vincent Fredrick
  • Atornel Monserat
  • Lorena Christina

Once all have been defeated, return to Master Raystan to complete the quest.

Vincent Fredrick can be found south-west of the Ruined Cottage (loc: 35277, 40135, 2784).

Atornel Monserat can be found north-west of the Ruined Cottage (loc: 36470, 30362, 3264).

Lorena Christina can be found south-east of the Ruined Cottage (loc: 39989, 38188, 2799).


Additional Quests - New Potions

There is one additional quest available in this Chapter, separate from the main quest line. This quest can be obtained from the Otherworld version of Lieutenant Haley, located at the Ruined Cottage. Lieutenant Haley will not give you this quest until you have completed the above quest: [Spirits]: Observing the Observers

[Spirits]: Evaluating Essence

Lieutenant Haley wants you to travel to Camelot and speak with the Alchemist Master Adelaide Dinsmore.
Once you reach Camelot, locate and speak with Adelaide Dinsmore (loc: 27464, 21918, 8031) to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with her to obtain the quest [Spirits]: Essential Ingredients

Adelaide Dinsmore wants you to return to the Spirit World and search for Otherworldy Essences.
Return to the Otherworlds and collect one of the essence plants. 4 items are listed in your quest journal, however, you only need to collect one plant.

Search within Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 areas for these plants.
Once collected, return to Adelaide Dinsmore in Camelot to complete the quest and collect your reward (a choice of one of the 6 new potions).

Once completed, you can now collect Otherworldly Essences for ingredients required for the new potions added with Chapter 2 (listed below under notes).


  • After completing Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 2:
    • Albion: Master Burray in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse
    • Midgard: Master Hamis in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp
    • Hibernia: Master Zedde in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen
  • With Chapter 2, players are now able to craft 6 new potions:
    • Draught of Supremacy - Full, capped buffs potion!
    • Draught of Celerity - Celerity buff potion!
    • Draught of Restoration - Resurrection Sickness cure!
    • Draught of Tenacity - End reduction buff!
    • Draught of Omni-Healing - Health/Endurance/Power heal!
    • Draught of Omni-Regen - Health/Endurance/Power regen buff!
  • These new potion recipes are visible in the Alchemy tradeskill list in the following categories and skill levels:
    • Draught of Supremacy: Stat Buff Draughts category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Celerity: Special Potions category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Restoration: Special Potions category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Tenacity: Special Potions category at 1080 skill
    • Draught of Omni-Healing: Healing Potions, Endurance Potions, or Power Potions categories at 1090 skill
    • Draught of Omni-Regen: Regen Potions category at 1080 skill
  • Players will have to complete the Observing the Observers quest in Chapter 2 before they are able to gather the new rare crafting components required to make the new potions.

Fan Fiction

Letter to King Constantine
May his reign endure time and harmony itself.

My king,

Oft have I thought of your words to me since the day you sent me on this path. Taking us, those what Lady Lile offered, you wove us into your trusted advisers, both while near and far. I plead my king, that you hear my words, my message, emotion sent; that they speak to your soul as you alone may save our realm.

I hope as this letter reaches you, you smile fondly in remembrance of when last we spoke. I am not without my passions, it is true. Unabashedly I would catalogue everything of importance, noting all oddities, patterns, and elements of possible information as may be plied from the natural and magical worlds, leaving defense of your realm to those less cultured, less aware of the deep mysteries of life. Yet for a moment I am spun towards you my king, and your realm, and I fear my fantasies, my search for elemental truth, will not be enough to save the realm. In my search I have here uncovered such that may be of alarm to the realm, to you, and to me if reaction this does cause you.

These Spirits are not simply wandering souls, nor energy wafting through the world of dreams, bound by fantasy of children and old at slumber in our world. As I suspected, intelligence, yet more than that, there is evil intent, and focused against us, against your realm. If I am correct, and history and logic are any guide, this is likely a trap; our brief and stale victory simply breadcrumbs persuading us further away from safety, past all things known, into magics and philosophies unapportioned.

It began today with Master Burray. He had word, Master Raystan needed assistance at our foremost position, the ruined camp. We spoke to Larrisa. Good girl, she had bound location to the ruined cottage and was able to send us there expediently. I trust I encouraged her enough that she continues to update the location of our men to provide for quick study and reinforcement if needed.

Raystan craved certain information from three spies near the Ruined Cottage. That they were intent on observing our forces was easy enough for the lowest of my air spirits to observe. Whispering in my ear with anticipation of play, I ordered caution and subtlety. Wandering spirits by nature do not observe, they simply are, their very existence almost exclusively used up in being. That these spirits had the ability to reason and calculate sent a short tremor of cold crawling down my spine. Heed then these words, my King.

I spoke to a nearby captain of the guards. A fine swordsman, he holds himself to your covenant, yet I had eyes only for your purpose, my King. He gathered a group and together we set to meet these unnatural spirits. We dispersed them. Vincent Fredrick, Atornel Monserat, and Lorena Christina. The men searched their corpses to no avail. Silly soldiers, spirits seldom leave earthen signature. Yet spiritual remains were somewhat intact. They had gathered certain information from our force, our numbers, and intent in search. I fear any surprise is out of the question. I have catalogued in detail, the elemental forces at play within these creatures, and at this ruined camp. I bow to your wishes though. "Not the details, sweet", you oft say to me. Fine, then. If you have need of more specifics message me at any time of night, or day.

My King, if none of this seems of spectacular interest, consult with Magess Dejahra. She can confirm, there has never been a battle between our world, and active, calculating spirits, Avalon protect us a spirit army itself. While never a battle have we yet faced in all the long ages of your realm, consider the effort it sometimes takes to disperse a malignant spirit in our world. Move your thoughts to its world, and increase its power of intent, and its force as simply one part in a well organized army.

As you know it is seldom that Midgard or even Hibernia leads with a well organized advance spy force. That we see and observe this in creatures with roots in our world and this other, should be cause for pause for the smallest scholar to the greatest king. I thank you for this purpose and opportunity to learn. May you be as radiant as ever when next we meet.

Lady long estranged of Avalon

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