You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, once you reach Jotun Ymir's camp you will need a group or more to complete the Prologue. 


Travel to King Eirik's throne room in Jordheim.
Speak with Athr Hassetti Theyr to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Eerily Quiet
Athr Hassetti Theyr wants you to travel to Galplen to speak with Crelam.
Athy Hassetti Theyr may have more than one quest available for you if you have not previously completed his Champion quest. If he does not speak with you, check that your journal isn't full, or that you've already completed this quest.

Zone out of the throne room and speak with the channeler.
Port to [Gotar].

Once you reach Gotar, speak with Stable Master Eryklan and buy (free) a griffin ticket to Galplen.
At Galplen, travel inside the town and speak with Crelam. He will have a blue DAoC knot over his head to indicate his location.
Speak with him to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Crelam to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Into the Swamp
Crelam wants you to travel into Vanern Swamp to speak with Arin Snowtouch who believes she has found Ymir, the Jotun King.
Speak with Stable Master Treflun and buy (free) a horse ticket to West Skona.
Once you reach West Skona, travel west on foot into Vanern Swamp to find Arin Snowtouch. She can be found through the quest indicator on your map (loc: 32066, 45672).
Speak with Arin Snowtouch to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Begone, Giants
Arin Snowtouch wants you to gather an army and stop the Jotun from setting up camp in Vanern Swamp.
With your group or battle group, defeat Ymir.
Strategy for this step includes starting with the mobs surrounding Ymir, before pulling Ymir, as much as possible.
Ymir will retreat into the portal before you can kill him, this is the end of the Prologue and you will be awarded credit when Ymir vanishes.
Return to Arin Snowtouch to complete the quest.

This quest is repeatable, however, you will only be rewarded a Draught of Supremacy the first time you complete the quest.
Repeated tries, when completed, will award Ymir's Power potion, which grants 10% bonus to realm points for 30 minutes, and lasts through death, 1 use.


Details and information for the Prologue can be found in Patch Notes 1.117c.

Otherworlds Campaign – The Beginnings
  • Eerily Quiet - A new quest chain has been added that will lead players to a portal in the far reaches of their realm.
    • Defend Albion against Spirits that have crossed over to the waking world. Level 50 players should speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside King Uther's Forward Camp region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Midgard against the Jotun who have crossed over in search of the Aesir. Level 50 players should speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Ymir's Landing region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Hibernia against the Siabra who have crossed over from the Veil. Level 50 players should speak with Seneschal Desmond in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Queen Cliodna's Portal region when defeating her in order to receive credit.

Fan Fiction


I don't know if it can be done, to follow my dreams as you pleaded of me. Everything's changed, even this piece of chalk is stained with blood, and not just blood, the blood of a God. I need to go back, to remember what it was like before I felt this way. To be calm like a rock, not on fire like a sword. I miss you. I miss the Mountains of Midgard and the snows of frost giants. Absent that far away longing and present impossibility, I write to you then of what it was like when I first entered Jordheim. Perhaps that will be enough to return me to where I was before this ancient blood, this sickness that has entered me.

Like my Norse friends, I found that Jordheim was beautiful, Mumms. Kobolds and Valkyns and Frostalfs selling beautiful wares and potions of healing! I could have stayed, would have stayed, hopefully to enlist my services for Eir. I went to speak to Rana and Per to see if they would have me for my love of life, but met a healer new to their order on her way out on assignment. She had such beautiful clothing and armor, I had to ask of her where she purchased it. I was so grateful eager and surprised to hear that it was freely given of King Eirik. I spoke to the royal guard and soon found myself ushered into the throne room. A brilliant room lit by many torches. A wise and gentle king. He even had time for me. Large for even a troll he said, Mummz! I spoke to him of my desire to be a healer in his service, and with a friendly wave he sent me to Visindakona Siv's Weaponmaster. I was touched by his care of subjects even such as I. Had only I stayed and talked to the Siv it would have been different, but the wall hangings too detailed and the draperies being too silky, I had to explore, and soon Athr Hasetti Theyr beconed me over.

Theyr seemed like one of those Norse talkers, with a bit of dwarf blood, you know, a Norse with red hair. With the red hair like you taught me mummz, I let him say his piece without insult given and just nodded and smiled. I would have moved on to the large dwarf sculptures over a real fire, but then he went and mentioned the Jotun. He spoke of a broken chain of letters and a misunderstanding. Well, you know I've seen the Jotun in the shadow of mountain ravines and craigs, and not many trolls have and none others I know of, so I was more than a little intrigued. That he thought it was a misunderstanding made me believe I could help, could bring healing and closure to this by my participation. Possibly the healers Rana and Per would welcome me after this quest. I could not have been more mistaken. On my way out of the throne room the kobold guard puffed himself up before letting me out. I frowned, hoping that it was just my imagination that all but the weakest troops had been called off on urgent business. Now I'm not so sure.

I did as Theyr suggested and made my way to Galpen to speak to a Crelam who might have the first piece of the puzzle in healing this misunderstanding. If doing so averted a skirmish and any hurt to Midgard, so much the better. I could think of no better way to formally announce my pledge to House Eir. From Gotar I spoke to the stable master who provided me with a fantastical creature, a Griffin, to take me straight to Galplen. The Griffin proved less talkative than I would have liked, merely grunting at my earnest questions along our flight. I don't weigh that much, he could have at least answered! Still, he was beautiful, and for a brief time I was really flying!

In Galplen I began to hear strange tidings, the death of kobolds and trolls alike by Jotun Lobbers, a Fighter and Casters. More than simply a little unusual, that. Possibly not such an easily remedied misunderstanding yet still, worth trying! In Galplen I spoke to Crelam, but it seemed like he didn't even believe what he had heard himself. It was really apparent to me that there was an enormous misunderstanding and that my help was sorely needed. He suggested that if I was still interested to travel to Vanern Swamp and speak to Tracker Arin, the person spreading these rumors. That seemed logical enough. The stable master was again helpful and lent me a horse for travel to West Skona; as close to Vanern Swamp as I could travel by beast. Horse even less talkative than Griffin though I could only pity her in her ride along rutted trails she travels likely daily.

In West Skona I tried speaking to healer Ailder, but he wouldn't even look at me. I thought that though I was as ever gentle, he was just nervous of my size as young kobolds shy away from horses; that he would acknowledge me once I had mended this misunderstanding. I pressed on then, when I should have gathered more reinforcements. I hadn't even packed a pad of parchment paper for sketchings, mummz! I set out West into Vanern Swamp on the back of a second Griffin who promised to give me a scenic tour of the swamp itself. It proved to be an equally silent tour, however I soon found myself looking down on a group of Jotun, and Jotun not even dwelling near a mountain. I said my quick but courteous thank you's to the Griffin and took my leave of her.

And then my world changed, Mummz. Even before I set eyes on Arin Snowtouch, I could see an ancient Jotun where there should be none. I gravitated to our people, then. That's the only way to describe it. I found myself talking to Snowtouch and several others huddled near a tree. Snowtouch asked if I was good with my Axe. I shrugged and told her I've felled tall firs for our home but I think she thought I was simply being modest. This Jotun was as tall as the tallest tree, and while I had always thought the Jotun to mind to their own I'm no simpleton to think it would stand still to be felled by a woodsman's axe. Snowtouch pleaded with me to help stop who she swore was Ymir from setting up camp. She implored me to gather an army. I know of the Jotun, and you know I am gentle, Mummz. Often by firelight I've heard even you speak of how too often our people resort to battle axe when calm words and understanding would do. With these thoughts in mind I shrugged off Snowtouch's call for an army and went to speak to this ancient Jotun, this largest of trees. I should have known, even then, for an ancient Jotun, tall as eagle favored trees, it could be none other than the Jotun Ymir; though Odin smote somehow alive.

I calmed myself and strode forward towards the mountain. I called out in a clear voice and with the sincerity of a true healer, "I am grateful to the bones of Ymir for the hills I call home". With a roar the God answered my invitation, but it was not talk that it wanted. Then how could I face the approaching mountain itself? But a troll never runs, Mummz, you taught me that. Before even I beaded and strung my first snake tooth necklace, I knew that some respond only to show of force; that making ready for battle may be the communication that brings us together. Even be that tonight I banquet at Valhalla table.

As a good troll, I unhurriedly unslung my axe and made ready for battle, even impossible battle against this mountain. I don't remember much more Mummz, a force that unhinged every bone in my body and with every stroke of rage threatened to turn me to dust. Then a cry of singular entity and emotion and with tears of hope I was swarmed around by realmmates mostly unseen in the rage of battle-lust, provided healing by those I hope will be my mentors, and then in our combined emotion we re-attacked the Jotun Ymir without question, without ceasing. Assisted against his minions, yet alive, and finally demolished the rock piles he was forming. At some point in between death and life more hurt than alive, I heard the mountain cry out, felt the cry through my axe embedded for a moment in his thigh, through my weary hands and sluggish arms. And then life was still once again, and I could feel my body shaking, my heart protest the brutality required and more even that I had complied.

Stickily covered in the blood of a God, and pleading silently for Eir to still take me in, I returned to Snowtouch. Arin has in her own way gathered us here, somehow, and perhaps she can send word. She smiles at me and asks me where to direct this report, mistakenly calling me a true warrior of Tyr, but I am too distressed to inform her of my intent and pledge for Eir. I have finished my account. None but you will understand Mummz. The worst part is, I love Midgard enough that here I stay until I have understanding, until there is healing of my heart.


and his broken heart

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