Login Client & Server Selection

In an effort to increase the accessibility of Dark Age of Camelot we are not only making changes within the game, but also how you get into the game.  With this in mind, we are proud to introduce our new login client.

When you use this new client for the first time, you will notice that the window defaults to a very short list of servers.  This is the Preferred server list and is chosen specifically for people who don’t have a server preference.  By creating a character on one of these servers, you stand a better chance of being able to purchase a house as these servers have the most housing lots available.

If you wish to play on any of our normal ruleset servers (Ywain 1, Ywain, 2, etc.) select the “Normal” server list from the "Shown Server List" dropdown.

If you're a returning player, and you're looking for old characters that were not transferred to the Ywain cluster yet, select the “Archived” server list from the "Shown Server List" dropdown.  New characters cannot be created on these servers and any pre-existing characters on these servers have been moved to their realm's housing region.  These servers allow restricted access so that returning players can transfer pre-existing characters, houses and guilds to Ywain.

Experienced players who would like to try our PvE Ruleset server, Gaheris, select the “Alternate Ruleset” server list from the "Shown Server List" dropdown.

Lastly, if you would like to help us test new changes to Dark Age of Camelot when they're available, run "camtest.exe" from your install directory.  Once run, the login client will show only the test server cluster.

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