Anthems of the Realm

   Albion Anthem

   Hibernia Anthem

   Midgard Anthem


     Albion is the land of the King, once and forever. It is the realm of dreams, glory and chivalry. From far and wide the people walk in the strength and pride of their past, and look towards the future with steadfast courage and hope. The knights of old still live within the hearts of the young as they rise up to take their place within the Kingdom. It is a realm of legend and history whose tales have passed from poet to poet, minstrel to minstrel, and live on in each beating heart.

      There is one song that has been awarded the honor of Anthem. At a grand ceremony, the citizens gathered around the round table as Winterborne IV, the herald of the event, made the announcement.

       'Greetings and salutations, citizens of Camelot and of Albion united! We gather upon this glorious day of our Lord to give witness to the anthem of our people. Let us honour Kuldebar Valiturus, wordsmith and poet. May the annals of our kingdom be forever written that Kuldebar forged the anthem of our country. Let every man of Albion embrace this song, for it speaks of the character of our sovereign nation and peoples. Lo, let it temper the savage heart of Midgard and pagan Hibernia. Let it unite us in praise of our lands and families. May the light of Camelot shine upon Kuldebar Valiturus! Three cheers!' 
(- spoken by Baroness Winterborne)

      Cheers of praise were given to Kuldebar Valiturus and cheers rang throughout the city of Camelot for the anthem that filled each soul with pride. A crown was placed upon his head to honor so great a poet and a reception was held in his honor.

      Today, the Anthem is sung daily in the capital city of Camelot. The Poet Kuldebar (named in honor of the composer), stands ready to teach all the sacred words of the Anthem of the Albion Realm.


'The Light of Camelot'

by Kuldebar Valiturus of Pellinor

O' ancient land of honor spread
Beneath the broad sky overhead,
May Camelot's flame bravely light,
Upon the shadows of encroaching night.

Those who tread with ill intent
Beneath our sacred firmament,
Whether of Hammer or of Tree,
Albion's might shall strike at thee!

For fair Albion of greatness bred,
Shall avenge her valiant dead,
And Uther's heir will smile down
On those who defend the hallowed Crown.

The Holy Chalice will provide rebirth
Of flame rekindled upon the earth,
Though travails and dark days lie ahead,
The light will pierce the looming dread.





The love of the realm of Hibernia grows deep. Some say it is deeper than the very roots of the oldest trees of the land, for the magic of the realm is nature, and each citizen is born with this love already within their heart.

      In ages past, as now, songsters sang of the wonders of this magical land, for there are many to tell. And as time goes on, more mysteries unfold. Forever the songs must grow as the life of the rolling hills and trees must grow. Even as the songsters sing the lore of old, they continue to add new praises to the vast repertoire of the realm.  

      One ballad has become loved throughout the land, and even the youngest among the populace can be heard to hum its tune. The breeze itself seems to vibrate with the sentiments expressed within this song.

      The citizens of the land decided that this should become their official anthem, for indeed, it already was. A ceremony was held for all to attend. Seneschal Brere hosted the event in the beautiful city of Tir Na Nog, and his words are inscribed here for all to remember.

      'Ceud Mile Faitle - a hundred thousand welcomes to the citizens of Hibernia! Today we gather in Tir na Nog to honour Matennon, a great poet amongst the folk of our sacred fey lands. Matennon's prose and word will rekindle our native spirit, both in our lives and at war against the ignoble Britonic Albion and the war-like Nordic Midgard. Give unto Matennon, praise well-deserved and may the deities bless them forever. Blessed be Matennon!'
(- spoken by Seneschal Brere)

      All praise was given to Matennon, and even more to this her anthem that rings throughout the realm.  A crown was placed upon her head to honor so great a poet and a reception was held in her honor.  The Anthem is sung each day in the capital city of Tir Na Nog by the Balladist Matennon (named in honor of the composer), who lives to teach others this magnificent song.



'Hibernia My Home'

by Matennon of Merlin

Hibernia, land of legend and lore,
From Connacht's rolling hills and winding streams,
To crimson sunsets on the Connla shore,
Your beauty keeps you ever in my dreams.

Often in Emain I've looked on a star
Camped after battle out in the frontier
And uttered a fervent prayer from afar
To soon return to the land I hold dear.

Beauty abounds here, you cannot ignore
The great shaded forests near to Bri Leith,
The majesty of the far Cliffs of Moher
And the sweet green hills of my own dear Meath.

I have traveled the realm, both far and wide
To Innis, Ardagh, and also Mag Mell,
My love for this land cannot be denied
It fills me with pride and makes my heart swell.

The sweet golden city of
Tir na Nog
With magical spires and mystical grove
Shines like a beacon through the rain and fog
Drawing me back to the land that I love.

So listen, friends, as I sing of the land
That holds my heart captive, far though I roam
My soul is e'er bound to this realm so grand

Hibernia will always be my home.





     The realm of majestic, snow capped mountains and deep fjords is Midgard. It inspires within its inhabitants a fierce pride and love, for the land they love is greater to them than life itself; they will defend it until death. Ever in battle, the skalds of the land are heard raising their voices in battle cries, extolling the might and vigor of their realm. Their songs tell tales of might, valor, courage and strength, speaking to the very hearts of the people. Never is there a gathering without the voices ringing in chorus, singing praises to Midgard and to her people. 

      There is one song, above all others, that is heard most often in the sacred halls and the most humble of villages. This song over time has become Midgard's official Anthem. It was first sung by its lyricist, Hrodvitnir Vvolfe. Since that first airing, it has been learned and sang by all, for it expresses the sentiment of every Midgardian.

      A grand reception was held in the capital city of Jordheim to honor both anthem and the lyrist.  A crown was given to Hrodvitner in honor of his great achievement.

      'Valkommen comrades, menfolk, Dwarves alike, undermountain Brethren of stone and kin of Midgard. We gather beneath the gaze of our ancestors and the Aesir to witness the sacred annals of Gullinn, word-poet and blessed of Odin All-father. Let Midgard's people - tribesmen, family, stranger alike give praise to Hrodvitnir! May forever his words echo in the halls of Valhalla, and inspire all as we stand battle until the days of Ragnarok! May the Valkyries drive Hrodvitnir's spear swift and fast always, and may his shield never shatter!'
(- spoken by Norsewoman Svala)

      The song today can be heard most often in the capital city of Jordheim where Lyriker Hrodvitnir (again, named in honor of the composer) sings it daily and teaches it to the young of the land.



'Arise Midgard! Land of the Gods!'

by Hrodvitnir Vvolfe of Guinevere

Rugged mountains and rivers cold,
our splendid home of Midgard bold!
Land of might and golden halls,
where honor reigns and courage calls!
From the weathered peaks of Jamtland, with frozen winds overhead,
To the fiery brimstone of Muspelheim, where the morning sky burns red!

Arise Midgard! Land of the Gods!
Stand strong with honor and righteous might!
Brave hardship with courage against the odds,
For the blessed Horn and Hammer we fight!
To defend our land our shields will link!
For glory in battle our blades will lock!
To die with honor, ere Valhalla we'll drink!
Until the days of Ragnarok! Until the days of Ragnarok!

Rise Norseman, Troll and Kobold blue,
Sly Rogue and Viking brave and true!
Stand Valkyn, Frostalf and Dwarf with beard,
Wise Seer and Mystic of magic feared!
Proud brothers and sisters sound the horns; defend Midgard till our last breath!
Hold true to each other for we are one, march forth and fear not death!