After three successful, fun filled 5v5 tournaments, we are please to announce the first DAoC 1v1 tournament! This tournament is all about the players, skill, and of course, the fights!

The 1v1 tournament will be held over the course of 6 Sundays between October and November at 3PM EST/9PM CET on the Pendragon server, covering each class archetype facing off in group stages and progressing from their group to fight for overall 1v1 winner! The final rounds will be played on one date in December (to be announced later). Bookmark the tournament page below to keep updated on all the details!

Please note: The below rules and information are subject to change, but will be locked in once registration closes.


• Registration will be done using our 1v1 League Republic site
• Sign up is quick and easy! Once you have decided which character/class you're participating with, you will need to register that character here using the format: First name = Character name / Last name = Class type i.e. Beibger Ranger (instead of Carol Kenny). 
• A video tutorial with a registration walk-through can be found here: 
• It is on you to make sure you’re properly signed up. We may not be able to help you if you realize you did not sign up properly too late.
• PLEASE KEEP TOON NAMES CLEAN!! Once you charcopy your toon to Pendragon, please use the same name as registered. Toons with names that violate our ToS/CoC will be disqualified.
Registration for Assassins archetype closes 3PM EST/9PM CET Friday, October 13th 2017. Registration will reopen Mon-Fri before each tournament date for sign ups.  

Tournament Info

• This is strictly 1v1. As such, you can only sign up to one archetype group. Anyone signing multiple chracters to more than one group will be disqualified.
Character cannot be changed during the tournament, so whatever character you use once the tournament starts (starts is defined as when the first fight in the first group starts) will be the character used through the rest of the tournament. 
• We will be using the ‘Mordred Ruleset’.  
• Players may be required to add a Broadsword representative (Carol/Beibhinn, BoxyBrown, or another Knight/Rep) to a group purely to facilitate streaming of group health windows so please watch for information on that on the day.

Character Migration

• Characters can be copied to Pendragon from Ywain and Gaheris using the /charcopy command (guide here). You must bring your own template or create a template yourself once on Pendragon.
• There will be a special 1v1 Tournament Tester NPC that will allow you to become Rank 9 (NOT RR 11), so make sure to visit him once you have copied your character to Pendragon. 

General Tournament Info

• Fight will take place in various locations in the frontiers and realms. There will be personnel available to port participants to fight locations.
• Please gather by the porter in Camelot by 3PM EST/9PM CET.
• NPC Buff Bots will be provided and located at the ‘starting area’ of each fight location. These buffs are the same uncapped buffs you get from Buffing NPCs on Ywain and Gaheris.
• A variety of pets and pet levels will be available at the ‘starting area’ of each fight location.
‘Mordred Ruleset’ 
• Everyone will be Rank 9 to make things as fair as possible when it comes to Realm Rank.

  • Copying over Realm Rank 9+ characters is allowed, but they will be forced to visit an NPC that will reduce their Realm Rank down to 9L0 before participating in the tournament. Anyone found to have a higher rank character at the start of their fight will disqualify their team.


Supremacy potions and Comprehension potions are not allowed. 
• Spec and RA respecs during the archetype rounds are not allowed once the tournament has started. Anyone found to have respec'd will be disqualified. Respec'ing during the final overall rounds is allowed.
• Out of group buff bots are restricted.  NPC Buff bots will be provided that will give uncapped buffs (similar to NPC buffers on Ywain/Gaheris).
• Gaheris only items are allowed, but their /use abilities are prohibited.  Most should already be usable on Gaheris only.
• All participants must make a good faith effort to fight each other. Players who idle or do not engage in combat for 60 seconds from fight go time, or during the fight, will forfeit that fight and marked as a loss. This includes stealthers who stealth/vanish and don't re-engage within 60 seconds. Kiting or evading an opening move is acceptable.
• Players can only participate in one class archetype group. Any player caught playing more than one character will be disqualified.
• Anyone found interfering with an ongoing fight will be disqualified.
• It should go without saying, but anyone caught cheating during the tournament will not only be punished according to the Terms of Service, but will also be disqualified.

Tournament Setup

• Players will be assigned into groups based on their class archetype.
• Group size limit is 24, if there are more people signed than 24 for one particular group, we will make a second group for that class archetype. Fights will still be on the same day and group winners will face off before advancing to the final rounds.
• Only fights witnessed by admins/refs will be considered as official fights.
• Top two players in each group will advance to the final round.  Rankings within groups are determined by number of wins, however we will also be rewarding 3 points per win to make leaders more prominant. Please note: this may change based on sign up numbers so please keep an eye on this page!
• If two players are tied, head to head results will be considered.  Whoever won the head to head between the two players will advance.
• If three players are tied then head to head results will not determine a winner, we will have to have a series of tie breaker matches between the three players.
• Once the group rounds are complete, players advancing face off against the advancing players of the other groups. This format will be published after all archetype group rounds are completed. In the Elimination Stage of the tournament, we will use single best of 1 matches to determine who advances.  Once we get to the semi-final matches, we will start doing best of 3 matches. 
• There will be a 3rd place match in the final rounds (not group rounds) to determine who the 3rd place rewards will go to.

• Tournament dates:

October November December
Sunday, October 15th - Assassins
Sunday, October 22nd - Casters
Sunday, November 5th - Hybrids
Sunday, November 12th - Light Tanks
Sunday, November 19th - Heavy Tanks
Sunday, December 3rd - Archers
Sunday, December 10th - Overall Final

Dates not listed include holidays (Halloween/Thanksgiving).

• Archetype Group Structure:

Archers Assassins Casters
Necromancer (DS)
Hybrids Light Tanks Heavy Tanks
Necromancer (PW)
Mauler (All)

Tournament Timeline

• Registration is now open, please sign your character up here: 
• Please gather by the porter in Camelot by 3PM EST/9PM CET.
• We will have a time line for the groups posted before the day of the tournament.  In order to keep things moving, we are requiring players to be set up and ready to fight at least 10 minutes before the tournament starts - do not wait to get setup 'til the last minute! 
• If a player is not ready to go when their fight is called, they will forfeit that fight. Please pay attention to offiical announcements during the tournament!
• There will be officiators that are assigned groups in order to keep track of the Group/Pool Stage and help with setting up matches. 
• Each group will have its own day, as outlined above, with the elimination and final stages scheduled for the final day alone.
• Registration for Assassins archetype closes 3PM EST/9PM CET Friday, October 13th 2017. Registration will reopen Mon-Fri before each tournament date for sign ups.

Group Rewards

1st Place – 

• 1 Month Time Card –  Winner of each archetype group receives a 1 Month Game Time Card
• 425 Mithril Code Pack –  Winner of each archetype group receives a 425 Mithril Code Pack
• 1 x Battlefield Potion –  Winner of each archetype group receives a Battlefield Potion (25% RP Bonus, 5 charges, 6 hour duration)

2nd Place –

• 425 Mithril Code Pack – 2nd place of each archetype group receives a 425 Mithril Code Pack

Overall Winner Rewards

1st Place – 

• Look-a-like NPCs – Each member will have an NPC modeled and named after them. 
• 3 Month Time Card –  Each member receives a 3 Month Game Time Card
• 975 Mithril Code Pack –  Each member receives a 975 Mithril Code Pack

2nd Place –

• 3 Month Time Card –  Each member receives a 3 Month Game Time Card
• 425 Mithril Code Pack –  Each member receives a 425 Mithril Code Pack

3rd Place –

• 1 Month Time Card –  Each member receives a 1 Month Game Time Card
• 425 Mithril Code Pack –  Each member receives a 425 Mithril Code Pack

Pendragon will be changed to Mordred Ruleset before the tournament date, to allow players to setup characters, explore, and more.
Please note: As this is on Pendragon and the live servers will continue as normal, there may be patches or hotfixes applied during these weeks. Pendragon may receive an update for testing so please keep an eye on the Herald and bear this in mind. Gameplay is subject to change.


Contact Info
Any questions you have can be asked on the DAoC board,  or on the DAoC Discord server, #1v1_tournament channel.