16th Anniversary Come Back to Camelot Campaign

Sixteen Years! Dark Age of Camelot has been a wonderful home, escape, playground, refuge, and of course, battlefield since day one on October 10th, 2001. We’re celebrating fifteen glorious years with all of you - including many who've been with us from the start.

So raise your glass, mouse, or keyboard to this venerable game we love and remember the friends you’ve made, enemies you’ve conquered, battles you’ve waged, and fun you’ve had over the years. Here’s to those fond memories and to making new ones for the next sixteen years and beyond!
-John Thornhill


16th Anniversary Celebration

Come back to Camelot Campaign

In celebration of the 16th Anniversary, we are offering returning players 30 FREE* days to come back and explore, experience, and join the Realm vs Realm struggle! This campaign will run through October and is available to any account that has been inactive for at least 60 days and is in good standing. In order to participate, simply visit the Account Center, login, and re-subscribe; the free 30 days will be automatically applied to the account. This offer is only valid from September 29th through October 31st, 2017!

It's easier than ever to Come Back to Camelot as returning players now get several rewards to help them quickly get up to speed: A new suit of competitive armor, weapon, and jewelry, a cache of bounty points, champion level experience, and much more! For more info, visit the Campaign page, or if you're ready to play, simply download the free game client!

Be sure to view the list of ALL of the latest patch, hot fix and game changes made over the past several months and read on below for the highlights and what's to come during this month of celebration. Welcome back to Dark Age of Camelot!


Events and Features


Currency Conversion

Returning players rejoice! All of that Atlantean Glass, Dragon Scales, Blood Seals, and Aurulite that has been collecting dust can now be converted into exactly what you need! With patch 1.124, visit the Currency Exchange NPCs in each realm's capital city and get back on your feet and ready to hit RvR that much faster!

And remember, returning players rewards including a new suit of competitive gear, a cache of bounty points, champion level experience, and much more are available to all returning players who haven't already received them!

1v1 Tournament

After three successful, fun filled 5v5 tournaments, we are please to announce the first DAoC 1v1 tournament! This tournament is all about the players, skill, and of course, the fights!

Test your mettle against the best of the best across all class archetypes and let's find out who truly is the best soloer in Dark Age of Camelot! Check out the Tournament page for the full details!




RvR Daily Quests and Improvements

With patch 1.123, new RvR daily quests, along with a rotating Buggane's Obelisk RvR objective made their debut! Participate in daily quests geared for ALL RvR playstyles (solo, open-field, and keep warfare) and be handsomely rewarded! Version 1.123 also saw the introduction of some brand new RvR areas geared towards smaller-forces.

Patch 1.124 keeps the momentum going with faster action on the isle of Ellan Vannin and bigger incentives for defenders of the realm!




Halloween Event

Our annual Halloween event returns, along with the Mournful King Encounter instance! Test your mettle against one of the most challenging instances in the game and earn some of its iconic loot! The Pumpkin moon, pumpkin patches, Hallowed steeple-helms, and of course, RvR costume potions abound as well!



A Dragon's Curse Campaign

Chapter 7 of A Dragon's Curse campaign has just launched, unveiling a direct threat to the realms by their old enemies Golestandt, Gjalpinulva, and Cuulderach! With Chapter 8 due out later this month, now's the perfect time to jump in!

Fret not if you are worried about catching up, just join one of the many groups and battlegroups constantly participating in the content and explore the new dungeons, enemies, and instances for your yourself... and for the aurulite! 


Traveling Merchants and RvR Bonuses

Need to stock up on some loot? The Traveling Merchants will have just what you need! Rumor has it the merchants were able to get a hold of some Ghostly Medal of Valors! As always, enjoy a hefty serving of realm point, bounty point, experience, and crafting bonuses for the entire month! 


Mithril Shop (MTX)

We were very excited to announce Dark Age of Camelot's first foray into micro-transactions back in patch 1.123! Our Mithril Shop offers epic realm-specific mounts that unlock for every character in that realm on a given account!

Every player will want to check out the new armor and weapon Patterning system that allows you to choose the look you want while keeping the item bonuses and stats you're accustomed to! With patch 1.124, we'll also be introducing our Item Durability Repair feature as well as some exclusive new helm-patterns for purchase during this month of celebration! Be sure to visit the Origin store and pick up your Mithril!




Client Updates

Several quality of life changes have recently been introduced to the game client! Improved mouse functionality and sensitivity, borderless windowed modes,  ALT/CTRL/SHIFT modifier key + movement functionality, and more!

In addition, Patch 1.124 introduces character movement improvements, fixes tooltip/delve crashes, and adds in better item-stacking mechanics! We were also happy to release our complete Item Database over the summer with information on all of the loot you could want! 


DAoC Swag

Be sure to check out the official DAoC store for all your real-life DAoC loot! If you can imagine it, it probably has your favorite knot or realm logo on it! These make perfect gifts with the holidays only a few short months away!


Upcoming Changes



Website Revamp

Our second stab at a website revamp is making great progress! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes rough draft and see where we are headed!


Race, Gender, Name Respecs

These will allow players to change their race, name, and/or gender at a cost of Mithril (MTX) currency! We also have plans to introduce account to account and Ywain intra-server transfers later next year. Race, Gender, and Name respecs are due out early next year!


Keep Difficulty and RvR Improvements

Keeps and specifically keep doors, walls, guards, and Lords will be getting a massive overhaul and improvement in terms of difficulty. Keeps will once again be the epic undertakings they should be in the Frontier!

Each keep within a realm will have unique guards and lord room encounters! Keep door and wall difficulty will scale from outer to the inner keep and keeps further into a realm will also be harder to capture than those close to enemy lines! Patch 1.125 launches with these keep changes and other RvR improvements early next year! 


Returning to the Game
Returning to the game is as easy as ever! Follow the instructions and videos below and you'll be up and running in no time!

Beginner's Guide                                             Returning Player's Guide

Account Recovery                                                                       Update Payment       

Character Transfers