Chapter 7
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need multiple groups to complete Chapter 7, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 6, continue speaking with Master Cindy to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: For Real This Time.
Master Cindy wants you to offer your assistance to Arin Snowtouch in the Otherworldly Mularn South Tower area.
Speak with Garrisa beside Master Cindy who will teleport you to the South Tower

Once teleported, speak with Arin Snowtouch to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with her to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: General Nuisance.
Arin Snowtouch needs your help to defeat Bergelmir and his forces.

Venture north-east of Arin Snowtouch's location.
With your forces, defeat Bergelmir and 60 jotun followers.
Bergelmir will require a large force and is BG credit.
60 jotun followers is group credit and the spirit mobs aggro and heal each other.

Once Bergelmir and his forces are defeated, return to Arin Snowtouch to complete the quest.
There is no item reward for this chapter. Legendary Weapons and their ingredients were added with this chapter.

Additional Quests

There is one additional quest available in Chapter 7. Once you have completed Chapter 7, speak with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the additional quest.

[Jotun]: Smith Summons

Arin Snowtouch at the South Tower has a quest for you!

Speak with her to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Smith Summons
Arin Snowtouch tells you that the taxidermist Sindri in real world Humberton has been asking for your help.
Travel to Erikstaad's housing market in the real world and speak with Sindri, located at the back wall, to complete this step.

Continue speaking with Sindri to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Hoarder? No, I'm a Collector!
Sindri wants you to travel back into the Otherworld and collect 5 pieces of Otherworldly Ore.
Ore can be found in the Chapter 6 & 7 zones.
Collect 5 pieces and return to Sindri in Erikstaad's housing market to complete the quest.

You will now be able to collect ore within the Otherworld zones from Chapter 6 onwards.


  • After completing Chapter 6, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 7:
    • Albion: Master Sandy in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 6 area
    • Midgard: Master Cindy in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 6 area
    • Hibernia: Master Mindy in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 6 area
  • Decimate their forces!
    • The realms have found a large force near the Otherworlds' Prydwen Bridge, the Southern Mularn Guard Tower, and in Tir na mBeo.
    • Decimate the armies and defeat their general!
    • Gather the Otherworldly Ore in order to be able to craft the new Legendary Weapons!
      • Players will need to complete the quest 'Hoarder? No, I'm a collector' in order to be able to gather the ore. The quest, 'Smith Summons' in the Chapter 7 area will direct players to this quest.

Fan Fiction


Someday I will present you this note, this journal, my hearted words unspoke to you. I have faith that you will read this, are reading this, at some distant time. Perhaps you glance up from this beginning and catch my eye as I tend the fire, though trolls are unruly fire tenders as you have told me since ere we met. A pleasant fancy. Still, for you I will battle this fact itself.

Our walk within this dreamworld of late has been torn by many battles, though for you I will trod the distance. Today, two battles. Of one, I did not expect, am battling still. Though physical encounter today was the toughest I, or my companions had ever experienced, what weighs most heavily on me is more near, more real than the forays of the day. It is a hard bite of mutton to swallow when the lesson is that the realm is of importance, the cohesion of the team takes priority, and the longings, preferences and vanity of the young troll must be put aside, and troll-self lessened, made smaller in deeds with the effort of others shining. And she, you, were watching. Again, but for Renvek, we would have been lost, and I, lost among the thorns of that second battle, while through my failures, friends stuck in the present, died, with me, at South Tower hill.

It began in continuation of before, a word from Master Cindy. A request to travel to offer assistance to Arin Snowtouch in the Otherworldly Mularn South Tower area. Upon our arrival, our force greatly increased with the presence of the Einherjar, Renvek spoke with Snowtouch. From Snowtouch's information, it appeared Bergelmir and his forces, a Jotun so stout it was said, that he battled his entire force of 60 elite soldiers for training, we paused to rally, and gain additional information to corroborate these wild claims. Our hunters soon returned with grave news; the sources were not wrong, and compounding matters, reinforcements arrive daily. "Now or never" shrugged Renvek. "Let's work with what we have." He scanned our forces, and assigned several groups to deal specifically with the spirit mobs. "If I'm right, and I hate being right" he said, "the spirit forces there will attack our support along with heal their forces. They must be stopped at all costs." He looked up to the rest "Assist me, with aoe if you can. When his forces defeated, on Bergelmir to all." A cheer went up, though it was yet early, and blood unshed.

As we approached he put hand on my shoulder. "Smugahs, you have a stout shield. Guard me close, and face the enemy, for I mean to turn this uneven match in our favor." With a cry of preemptive victory, he attacked, and us also, the realm thus rallied, flooded with his emotion.

For the space of eternity, still frozen within my minds eye, the hammers of eternal Thor, covering our enemies, driving them to the source, to Renvek. Protecting Alvaas, guarding Renvek. Feeling the eyes of Alvaas turn from me, to him, to that glory. Waves of Jotun Captains, fighters, lobbers and casters, pouring down towards Thor reborn. Who among us could not look to him. For you, Alvaas I stood firm. Shield instantly damaged, almost beyond repair. My arms then, acting as fortification for shield. Protect the realm. Protect the rain of Thor.

It was then when almost all was lost, for I felt you slipping away. Who could possibly love this troll, when all this rock did was provide shelter for the Einherjar. My sword then yearned to be pulled free in rage; to show you that I, too a force to recon with, willing to battle all. Then his hand on me, steadying me, thanking me, for this small recognition, I could continue. And then it was done.

And we to Bergelmir, and, though now alone, the mightiest force yet he did prove. Only by sweat, and blood, and almost loss of life, did we survive. His focus, rage, descended upon Renvek. Again, to save us, I became less, guarded Renvek, though I know not why. And then it was done.

I stood there, sword still furrowed, shield mangled beyond recognition. Arms, I looked, in need of healer attention. Sensing the hurts of your group mate, ever sensitive as the healer you are, you came to me without call. Tenderly healing my arms, and errant gash to face. I felt your warmth and energy then, though I did not, could not respond. Despondent, stooping, shield still drooping. Physically healed, you let me be. After a time, Renvek approached. And I, still waging this second battle.

A slap on my stout back jolted me temporarily out of my personal hell. "You made Midgard proud today" he said. I blinked. "That's easy for you to say, you shone like a god." Renvek leaned closer then. "A flame needs energy to burn or it is spent. You were the fuel that kept our fight alive." Jotun blood dripping from his pointed finger. Not knowing what to say, I said naught. He continued, doubling my uncertainty, and then with a crafty smile. "You know, I think Alvaas likes you. She's always asking you to protect her and she saved her best healing for you. Do you like her?" The question startled me. I hope you know the answer, when reading this. I nodded. He laughed then, in a good way. "Ask her about her youth, growing up, her family, better times." He paused. "Her dreams." I blinked then. "What of you" I stammered. "She is beautiful, and, everyone looks to you, you have the attentions of all of us." A shake of his head. "To be fair, she is, though I would sooner depart than to act against my realm mate." Another pause, and then "especially when the match is already set." Wryly said, that, and noted, though not yet understood.

So here I sit, still, on South Tower hill. Ours now, by battle fought and won, yet not yet, by me. I am trying to learn, though these lessons you directed I seek, directed with a passing thought, suggestion, though they rend me from who I thought I was. Still, for you, I will be the troll you want of me.

Written in secret, in quiet, and alone.

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