Chapter 7
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need multiple groups to complete Chapter 7, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 6, continue speaking with Master Sandy to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: For Real This Time.
Master Sandy wants you to offer your assistance to Lieutenant Haley in the Otherworldly area of Prydwen Bridge.
Speak with Larrisa beside Master Sandy who will teleport you to Prydwen Bridge

Once teleported, speak with Lieutenant Haley to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with her to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: General Nuisance.
Lieutenant Haley needs your help to defeat General Cadfan and his forces across the bridge.

Venture north of Lieutenant Haley's location across the bridge.
With your forces, defeat General Cadfan and 60 spirit followers.
General Cadfan will require a large force and is BG credit.
60 spirit followers is group credit and the spirit mobs aggro and heal each other.

Once General Cadfan and his forces are defeated, return to Lieutenant Haley to complete the quest.
There is no item reward for this chapter. Legendary Weapons and their ingredients were added with this chapter.

Additional Quests

There is one additional quest available in Chapter 7. Once you have completed Chapter 7, speak with Lieutenant Haley to obtain the additional quest.

[Spirits]: Smith Summons

Lieutenant Haley at Prydwen Bridge has a quest for you!

Speak with her to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Smith Summons
Lieutenant Haley tells you that the smith Parisch Ealyn in real world Humberton has been asking for your help.
Travel to Humberton in the real world and speak with Parisch Ealyn located at the Blacksmith, to complete this step.

Continue speaking with Parisch Ealyn to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Hoarder? No, I'm a Collector!
Parisch Ealyn wants you to travel back into the Otherworld and collect 5 pieces of Otherworldly Ore.
Ore can be found in the Chapter 6 & 7 zones.
Collect 5 pieces and return to Parisch Ealyn in real world Humberton to complete the quest.

You will now be able to collect ore within the Otherworld zones from Chapter 6 onwards.


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