How-To Guides


Account Help Videos

Video guides explaining how to recover your old account, transfer your characters from archived to live servers, and upate payment details.

Ingame Tutorials

Video guides on ingame setup including qbinds, keyboard settings, Casual Group Finder, backing up QBars, and macro's.

Account Recovery

Written guide on regaining access to your account, creating an Origins account, and linking your characters.

Returning Players

A helpful written guide with brief overview of changes within the game for returning players.

Gameplay Mechanics

Video guide explaining the various blocking bonuses in DAoC.

Ingame Guides


Advanced Gameplay

Knight created video series including videos on advanced qbinding, character control for various playstyles, assassin basics, and assassin tips & tricks.

Glass Quests

Video guides on obtaining and completing the Trials of Atlantis glass quests.

Battleground Quests

Written guide on leveling through the Battlegrounds repeatable quests.


Knight created videos on each type of tradeskill available. Currently being updated.

Molvik Guide

Written guide outlining basic Molvik info, including template and specification advice for each class.