Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2019 Jan 25 16:49 -0500 GMT

We've got a few more fixes and notes for you on this fantastic friday! Once again, thank you all for the continued feedback and bug reports.

Developer's note:

  • We're currently aware of and plan to address the following issues during our next server downtime:
    • Death spam range unintentionally reduced. 
    • Issues with Wardens applying the new pre-set helm patterns.
      • To alleviate any issues, Wardens are currently prevented from purchasing these helm patterns until then.
      • Normal or blank helm patterns will still work normally.
  • There's lots brewing for DAoC in 2019 and we can't wait to share the full details in the coming weeks!

Click the link below for the changes and bug fixes that are now live!

Hot Fix Notes


Mithril Shop

  • Death Mask helm patterns are now for sale on the Mithril Merchant found in each realm’s capital city.


  • The Glacial Shadowblade Axe now correctly procs the +Axe Weaponskill buff.

Molvik Dynamic Objectives

  • The Mercenary Captain, Quarrymaster, and Siegemaster can now only be attacked within melee range.
  • The duration in-between keep level upgrades and downgrades from owning the Quarry objective has been increased from 3 minutes to 5 minutes per keep level.
  • Mercenaries will now respawn as the appropriate realm.
  • The Siege Workshop's benefits have been improved as follows:
    • Ownership of this objective now also controls whether siege weapons can be placed inside the entire Molvik keep.
      • Whichever realm owns the keep will need to maintain ownership of the Siege Workshop objective if they wish to use siege anywhere within the keep.
        • For example: If Albion owns the keep and Midgard or Hibernia owns the Siege Workshop objective, siege weapons will not be able to be placed inside Molvik keep and any existing siege will be removed.
      • If the Siege Workshop is inactive, siege weapons can be placed normally.
      • The workshop still controls the sturdiness of Molvik keep's outer and inner gates in addition to this new siege-placement benefit.

Quests and Encounters

  • Albion's quest, A New Threat (Epic 7), step 2 now properly awards completion credit.
  • Midgard's quest, Tomte Dawn (Epic 3), step 3 now shows the correct [keyword] when speaking with Vidarl to progress the step.
  • Hibernia's quest, Finding the Keeper, now properly progresses when returning to Seneschal Desmond.
  • The quest, Unraveling: Infernal Investigation, now properly progesses on steps involving the Teleportation Stone.
  • The Belt of the Moon and Belt of the Sun encounters once again spawn properly.
  • The Belt of the Moon encounter now correctly awards the level 10 artifact turn-in quest upon completion.
  • The Winged Helm encounter now correctly awards the level 10 artifact turn-in quest upon completion.
  • The Staff of the Gods encounter can once again be completed.


  • Fixed some recipe names and typos in the Spellcrafting tradeskill window.
    • Please note players currently in-game will need to log out and run their patcher to see this update.