Guild Autopromote Update

Posted by Development | 2015 Jul 06 15:33 -0400 GMT

The Guild Autopromote system has been disabled for the past several weeks. This system will be re-enabled on Thursday, July 9th. 

For more information on how this system functions and on our entire Guild Maintenance Policy, check the wiki article HERE.

Please note that when this system is re-enabled, emails will be retroactively sent out requesting inactive guild leaders to login their characters so that they are not demoted. If you receive one of these emails and have logged in within 30 days on the character(s) referenced, you can ignore the email.

Characters that have not been logged in recently will be immediately demoted when the feature is re-enabled. If you have a character that is currently a guildmaster that you fear may not have logged in within the past 30 days, we highly advise logging them on between now and Thursday to avoid demotion.