Frontier's Update: Manx on the Move

Posted by John Thornhill | 2019 May 16 21:19 -0400 GMT
The Frontier Generals Kogis, Bruki, and Vegda have delivered another urgent report of some elite Manx scouts spotted near the realms' coastal keeps! Manannan mac Lir must be making his move.
  • The [Manx] [Small Group] Loyalty Rewarded quest is now active and will remain available until Tuesday, June 18th!
    • Level 50s should visit their realm's General to obtain the quest!
      • Speak to General Kogis in Catterick Hamlet
      • Speak to General Bruki in Godrborg
      • Speak to General Vegda in Crair Treflan
    • Players are encouraged to find 1 or 2 friends for help completing this quest!
    • A Manx Vanguard or Manx Tunneler can be found in 4 locations around each coastal keep!
      • Search around Caer Bersktead, Caer Erasleigh, or Caer Sursbrooke in Albion.
      • Search around Nottmoor Faste, Blendrake Faste, or Hlidskialf Faste in Midgard.
      • Search around Dun Crimthainn, Dun Bolg, or Dun da Behnn in Hibernia.
  • Your loyalty will be handsomely rewarded!
    • Receive a realm-unique Gem of Swift Travels for your efforts and cruise around your realm in style with 204% movement speed!
    • Choose between an instant level 35 character token or a level 50-restricted 50,000 bounty point scroll!
    • All rewards are tradable.

The generals eagerly await more information on what the Manx and Manannan mac Lir are up to...