Friday Grab Bag - 12/15/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 15 16:13 -0500 GMT
Welcome to the last Grab Bag of 2017! We've had a lot of interesting, fun and, I hope, helpful Grab Bags. Looking forward to more in 2018 :) We're going to take a litle bag break here for the holidays, and will return with more Grab Bags after the New Year!

For those wondering where our Midwinter event is, fear not! Midwinter festival returns to the realms early next week, with the 12 days of Midwinter back for the 2nd year running later in the week. 

If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

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Can you make seals from DF stack in more than 250 amounts?

Sure can!

All emerald, sapphire, and diamond seals now stack up to 1,000.(Blood seals will remain at 500 due to their limited supply)

Devs, can anything be done about the inability to use 'free skill points' in another melee style OTHER than slash? When a toon is respec'd, say on a pally, I can lvl up to 9 in slash and not have to use any actual skill points, but I can't do that with thrust or crush. This forces my hand on how to spec if I want to take advantage of those points. Can this be fixed so those points can be used on ANY melee style, not just slash?

This is a hold-over from the original “auto-training” specialization system that granted certain classes some extra “auto-train” points to a) try and prevent those early players from not specializing correctly and b) to incentivize certain specializations over others.

It’s an admittedly outdated system and the free skill points acquired are fairly negligible; but we’ve no plans to change how this works at this time. We certainly wouldn’t remove the system as many players have become accustomed to their existing specialization options. So the choice is to leave it alone or give other specializations auto-training points. Rather than figuring out where to draw the line on new auto-training specs, we plan on leaving things as they’ve always been in this case.

Is there a reason why don't guild houses repo if no one from that guild logs on after a certain amount of time?   Could Guild Houses also be allowed for demolition?

Yes, this is something we would like to address in the overall housing update.

I remember it used to be that when you place an Atlantis player boat in the water, the sail would display your guild's coat of arms.
(I don't remember if it was the same for Frontiers player boats.) Was I imagining this? I even tried taking the boat to the guild emblemer but the guy looked at me like I was crazy.

Great memory!

Yes, the player-purchased skiffs and cogs from Trials of Atlantis zones should show your guild’s chosen emblem when they are placed in the water. There’s no need to visit any emblemeer NPC as they should display the emblem as soon as the skiff or cog is purchased and placed in the water. However, unfortunately there is a known issue where the ship’s sail will display the wrong emblem and pattern instead. We have that on our list of bugs to fix!

New Frontier scout ships, galleons, and warships always display their realm’s insignia and colors and not the guilds’.

Hi, I was wondering how the Enchanter's Enchantments worked with Legendary weapons.

Example, I cast Enchantment of fire on my group and one tank is using Body legendary weapons. How will the debuff from his weapons be influenced by the enchantment? Will his weapons still debuff Body? Will his damage be influenced by both the heat and body resists of his target?

Also, for the heal bonus spell Graceful Light, does it only work on healing classes (druid, warden & bard) to increase the power of their heals, or does it also work on the rest of the group to improve the healing they receive?

Enchantment of Fire will change the damage type of the legendary weapon to Heat damage for its duration. It will not, however, change the damage type of the legendary weapon’s debuff proc. So in the given example a Body legendary will do Heat damage for the duration of Enchantment of Fire but will still proc a body magic resist debuff.

Graceful light only increases the effectiveness of heals cast by the healer, not the effectiveness of healing on a given target.

Huge thanks to everyone over the year for your questions.

Have a wonderful holiday! :)