Friday Grab Bag - 12/14/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Dec 14 15:38 -0500 GMT
Welcome to the last Grab Bag of the year (awww), but fear not, the Bag of Grabs will return late January (yay!) :)

Don't forget about our special end of year giveaway streams! Saturday, December 15th at 5:30PM EST/10:30PM GMT and Wednesday, December 19th at 2:30PM EST/7:30PM GMT on our official Twitch channel! Mithril and race/gender/name respecs up for grabs! Read all the details on our officials forums here.

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming so we've a plethora for the new year! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game mechanic questions, feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions!

On supremacy pots, if dex says increased by 80 and dex/qui increased by 100, how does that work when cap is 155?

The delves on the supremacy potions are set higher than the total buffing cap so that no buff bonus gear is required to reach the total cap when using the potions. If the delves were set to add up exactly to the total delve cap, they wouldn’t cap because of how buff spells reference buffing% and +skills.

Additionally, there are separate caps for base stat buffs (str, con, and dex) and specialized buffs (str/con, dex/qui, and acuity):

  • Base stat buffs cap at +62
  • Specialized stat buffs cap at +93

Neither of these individual caps nor the total buff cap of 155 can be exceeded on any stat buff, regardless of their delve value or use of buff bonus gear.

Hi, my question is about the Dragonslayer Armor (from the old campaign). Now that it no longer is the end game gear.... would it be considered to remove the level requirement to equip? It already has a bonus level:34

No, Dragonslayer equipment has high-value heal and ablative procs and TOA bonuses that we want to keep in the level 45+ range.

After patch 1.25 respawn rates in the high level mines, such as Coruscating Mine, has decreased significantly. If the end game is RvR, why make us spend far more time farming for alchemy drops? Did you provide a way to get these drops in RvR?

Yes, the spawn times in Coruscating Mine, Spindelhalla, and Stonehenge Barrows were normalized across the three dungeons in most cases. A few spawns, especially at the entrances of the dungeons, were essentially “insta-spawning” and were adjusted accordingly. The spawns are set by random chance but they should still re-spawn within a minute or two the vast majority of the time, which is hardly a slow spawn rate.

Additionally, a way to purchase alchemy ingredients for bounty points was added in 1.125!

Charge is one of the only active abilities without a visual effect. Is there a reason behind that ?

Yes, unfortunately charge is an “old-form” ability that isn’t categorized or coded in the same way as normal spells. While this seems like something we could simply change, it’s of course not that simple. We have thoroughly investigated our options but unfortunately it is not currently worth the time investment for us to address.

The items I'm trying to skin don't skin correctly. I used one chest to transmog the skin to another chest, but it did not copy the shoulder pads the same as the original item.

Certain armor looks are derived from thee armor's base material (bronze, adamantium, arcanium, etc.) which controls things like the armor's level, armor factor, and more.

The chest-piece being copied from is likely using a low-level base material (like bronze) and so looks a certain way (like no shoulder pads), but the chest-piece that is equipped and being to is using a higher-level base material (like arcanium) and so the patterned-skin will account for your equipped armor's higher level material and show the sturdier version of the skin.

Hey I've sent in many game mechanic-related questions to the Grab Bag but you never answer any!! What gives?!

We get a lot of questions asking us on whether this item works with this other item, what's the best use of an ability in certain situations, or asking how abilities and item uses work.

The Grab Bag’s purpose is to answer questions that provide insight into development plans, to clarify basic game mechanic questions (question #1 is a perfect example of these), and to generally provide updates on community issues.

It is not meant to answer game mechanic questions that essentially tell players which items or abilities are best to use with others, because that’s essentially advising them on how to play their class best. Players need to determine that on their own or ask other players for advice if they are truly stuck.

That's all from the Grab Bag for this year. Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year from all of us, to all of you :)

Much <3