Friday Grab Bag - 12/13/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Dec 13 13:07 -0500 GMT
Welcome to our end of year Grab Bag! Many questions answered below, including a quick word on what's to come for Dark Age of Camelot in 2020! (ohhh, aahhh)

Don't forget! Our Midwinter event starts Tuesday, December 17th and our 12 days of Midwinter gifts returns on Saturday, December 21st! Make sure your bags are cleared out :) Hope everyone enjoys the holiday period and we'll be back with the Grab Bag in the New Year! 

Thank you all for sending in your questions, and remember to please keep sending them in for our devs! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

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For returning players, is there an easy way to find out what archive server or Ywain server you have characters on? Besides having to log in, get to a server, check each realm, quit and logging in again and repeating the process for each server.

Currently the only way to see a list of all of your account’s characters and their server is to send an email to They’ll get back to you as soon as possible with that list (please be sure to include the account name in your email and to email them from your account’s email address).

However, as soon as next week there will be a new “View Characters” feature on the Account Center that will list out all characters on an account by server!

If I decide to upgrade my Free to Play Account to a subscription account for a month, will the account once again return to a free to play account once the subscription runs out?

Not immediately. There is a 180-day limit before any recently subscribed account will be eligible for Endless Conquest, as described in our FAQ and Features Table.

Question on the animist. When I cast multiple Briar Detonation or Briar Storm (Pet PBAE), the Harbinger War pet seems to have it's own casting speed that does not match my own. It also appears that it does not cast all the spells I do(since I cast a lot more faster). How is the animist and the pet suppose to work for this circumstance?

These spells do call the pet to cast them but in this case the subsequent pet-casted spells are instant-cast. However, if the pet is currently in melee combat, it cannot immediately cast any spells (this is how all monsters/pets work) and instead queues up its next spell based on its swing time. All of the queued up spells will fire upon the end of the swing timer but this can result in some of the Animist-casted PBAoEs being delayed if the Animist casts multiple spells during the pet’s swing timer. When the pet is set to passive or is not in melee combat, all of the PBAOEs will fire immediately after the Animist’s casts with no delay.

Is it true that for temping maximum life 600, we need be 400bonus cap hits and 600normal hits to reach that 600 in template? Or temp 600? How do you get to 600?

At base, a character gets a cap of 200 hits and would need to include +400 hits cap in their gear to be able to reach the 600 hits cap. Then they’d also need to have 600 hits from their gear.

Has Jari the pig trophy mob been removed from the game?  I have been looking for him 2 to 3 times per day for over six months.  I have tried looking during the day and at night; I have tried not killing any pigs and I have tried killing all the pigs; I have tried just killing Wilbur.
None of these strategies has worked so far.  Thank you.

Jari has not been removed. Killing the boar piglets and wild sows and waiting for Jari to spawn is your best bet!

On the Item Search I found this Mauler staff but the only info on where to get it ingame is “Mauler Test Store” – what is this and where to get the staff?

A sharp eye! This looks like a test object that was missed from our filter. It does not drop anywhere in-game. We’ll filter this one out in the next update, thanks!

We used to get dragon scales for killing Nosdoden and the other 2 SI dragons in the dungeons, obviously dragon scales were removed in place of bp's but the SI dragons don’t drop bp's - is this intended??

Yes, this is intended. There are numerous other areas to get Bounty Points now (RvR, Darkness Falls, Curse Campaign, and TOA Bounty quests) and Nosdoden drops other rewards too!

If I as a fire wizard hit a leather user with a fire DD will I hit harder than a Eld not using fire damage if the DD value was the same?
(question in regards to resist table)

No, armor resist tables only work against melee attacks.

The turkey legs have been a very nice addition to the game.
It's sparked a lot of small man action for my friends and me, while almost giving people an RVR-focused way to slowly collect bounty points through a little leg work. Has there been any consideration to keeping the quest, or adding a quest like it, in the game?

The Supplies for the Cause quest is a permanent style quest that offers the exact same reward as Turkey Legs and involves a similar goal of collecting supplies or rubble from the maze and ruined areas in the Frontier. Additionally, we’ll have other event quests that are identical to the Turkey Leg collection quest, including one coming next week with the Midwinter event!

I need Flames of Prometheus and the only way to get them is through Atlantean Glass and the only way to get that is by exchanging Diamond Seals in DF for them. I don’t have Diamond Seals anymore and I don’t have enough glass to get the Flames of Prometheus – how do I acquire this item?

Altantean Glass, Dragon Scales, Aurulite, and Blood Seals are still plentiful on the Market Explorer in housing. And if one of those currencies becomes unavailable there, there is still the possibility to convert it from the other currencies at the Alternate Currency Converter NPC in each realm’s capital city. As time goes on and those alternate currencies do dwindle out we’ll be adding in alternate ways to purchase these Flames, and other items like it, but we’re a long way away from those currencies running out at this point.

Any status on when we can expect the new website? I think it would go a long way helping new and returning players to have updated utilities such as a character planner and template builder. The current database has been a great addition.

We agree and work continues on the new website! We’ll be focusing on those tools first and then launch the new website when most are completed. The next web-tool coming is the template builder; followed by the character planner, leaderboards, Realm War status, and housing directory!

Any updates on plans for next year?

In the first quarter next year we’ll be continuing our response to Endless Conquest feedback as well as delivering numerous bug fixes and some other goodies in the form of a 1.127 update.

Afterward, our alternate server proposal will then be our major developmental focus. Our original proposal of a subscription-only ‘Classic + Shrouded Isles + Housing’ server that advances (vote-based) through DAoC’s subsequent content is still the plan. We’ll be sharing the details of that server’s ruleset, like which Frontier it will use and what other changes will be involved with it, as we get through 1.127! Depending on how this alternate server goes, we will be launching subsequent versions (perhaps with some fun variations) with a more forced progression.

With that said, Ywain will continue to be the primary long-term focus as we view it as THE game. With Endless Conquest and the ability to play for free we’ve seen a great number of returning and new players out exploring our beloved world and more importantly, endlessly battling each other in the Frontier and battlegrounds!

While alternate servers may seem like a shift away from Ywain in the short term, in the long term they will be another boon to the game as a whole and to Ywain. New and returning players alike will have a chance to start fresh on the new servers, learn or re-learn the game, gain realm rank and eventually transfer over to Ywain with their established characters, which will continue to grow Ywain’s population over time. In addition to the momentum from Endless Conquest and this future momentum from these alternate servers, we are also in the midst of an investigation into bringing DAoC onto Steam! 2020 is going to be a great year for Dark Age of Camelot and with these plans coming to fruition, there will be many more ahead!

An exciting year ahead, for sure :)

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We wish everyone a happy holidays and a safe and happy New Year!

Here's to 2020!