Friday Grab Bag - 12/01/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 01 18:21 -0500 GMT
Happy December! Time flies when you're having fun, and the Grab Bag is always fun! :)

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Congrats to Romanvs (1st place) and Rauk (2nd place) for advancing through the Heavy Tanks 1v1 archetype! Archers are the next and final archetypes to go head to head before our overall 1v1 final. Tune in to our official Twitch channel on Sunday, Dec 3rd from 3PM EST/8PM CET to catch all the fights!

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Is there a simple fix to center Spell Buff/Effect Icon Grid Settings on higher resolution settings?  Is there a settings in the character .ini that sets the first pixel location horizontally for the first and subsequent rows so that these are centered for us on the UI?  Looking up and far to the Left to see if Helgha stripped my dex/qui isnt natural.  Thank You!

Unfortunately there is no way to center the buffs on larger resolution windows. We have this, among many, many other updates, on our list for UI/UX improvements to make to the client!

Will we ever get the option of other payment methods for accounts, such as PayPal?

Paypal is a valid option on the payment portal for the Game-Time Codes. Unfortunately, for direct monthly subscriptions, Paypal won’t be potentially available until our work with EA on the Account Center update is complete (hopefully by the end of next year).

How do you change your email address linked to your DAoC Account??? There is no way that I can find on the account manage area. My old email is no longer active and can no longer access it so i need to update my info.

Since you do not have access to your old email address, there is not a way to change the email on our Account Center or on as EA, for security reasons, requires access to the existing email before allowing it to be changed.

However, if you have the Secret Word to your account you can contact our billing department at and verify your account information with the Secret Word, explain your situation with the email address to them, and request that it be changed to another email address. Please note that you *must* verify your account ownership with the Secret Word before our billing team will change any account information.

If one does have access to their existing email address, they can simply visit, sign-in, and edit the email address in their profile.

Will the 10 percent melee resist charge on the OW belt add to RA Physical Defense?

The melee resist charge on the Otherworldly belts adds to a character’s melee resistances. The Physical Defense realm ability directly reduces melee damage received by the given percentage. So in short, the two abilities will stack, but one does not directly add to the other.

Can you explain a bit about the dummies at the relic towns? I’ve been told the level 50 one is with 0 resists and the level 1 when attacked displays the maximum damage I can do with that spell/style – is this accurate?

What you’ve been told is essentially correct. The level 50 training dummy has 0 resists and behaves as a normal yellow monster for damage purposes.

The level 1 training dummy, when attacked by a level 50 character, will essentially display the damage cap for that style/spell since the level 1 training dummy is so far below your character’s level that it removes any variance in damage and should always show your highest damage potential.

Please do note that the training dummies are still monsters though and that while most damage-related combat functions can be tested against them, some others will not work; such as resist piercing which only works vs player targets.

That's it for this week, I'm off to start putting up the decorations!

Have a great weekend all! :)