Friday Grab Bag - 11/17/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Nov 17 16:50 -0500 GMT
Time to dive into another Grab Bag! 

Heavy Tanks are up next in our 1v1 tournament this Sunday (Nov, 12th). Congrats to Axv (1st place) and Waltr (2nd place) for advancing through Light Tanks! Wondering what this is all about? Our tournament page has all the details, and you can sign up here for the remaining Heavy Tanks and Archers archetypes. Getting ever closer to that overall final!!

If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Clicky clicky on the more link for this weeks questions :)

What does the proc on the Enchanter Aurulite (Shrouded enchanted) do exactly? It states that "your pet gains new abilities", but there is no information as to what exactly it does. Thank you.

Each of the following abilities are unlocked on the respective underhill servant for 30s when this proc goes off:

Underhill Stalker and Compatriot: Gains a snare style.
Underhill Ally – Gains a defensive snare-proc.
Underhil Companion – Gains a cold damage snare/nuke.
Underhill Zealot - No effect.

We’ll update the delve on this robe to clearly show these effects, thanks!

Will there ever be a time that you will add a DAoC message box (mailbox) or some type of box to leave short messages or trades to other players?

It’s still on our list! We have many other things that we’re working towards right now (more on that in a coming Producer’s Letter!) – but after those things? This is right near the top.

Why does the Spear follow-up style to Tracking Spear not exist? And if it's never going to exist why not remove that it has a follow-up?

Poof! (Wyvern’s Talon now follows up Hawk’s Talon and Tracking Spear’s delve has been updated to reflect that, thanks!).

I was wondering if you could bring back assassin missions? They were a great thing to do when action slowed down or guild wasn’t online.

There are no plans to bring back assassin missions. We do, however, have some other RvR quests in the works that will similarly give players something to do while they wait around for their friends to log on.  Additionally – Doppelgangers are always available and also provide realm point bonuses for defeating them!

Why aren't there anti-camping mechanics up in the new ruined areas?

This is something we want to wait on until we've had time to observe behavior in the areas for a few weeks (at least). Depending on how things go, we'd rather not add in hardcore anti-camping mechanics if they aren't absolutely necessary because RvR should remain as unfettered as possible.

We are looking at several options though:

  • Actively prevent camping by casting direct damage or some other spell on characters that remain in the area for more than X seconds (potentially only grouped characters)
  • Strip the Buggane's Folly buff (or prevent it from working) on players who enter the ruined areas
  • Add in objectives and incentives elsewhere that encourage groups and small-mans to venture to other areas

We're also open to ideas from you all so please submit them via the feedback form if you have them!

Thanks for your questions everyone, enjoy the weekend! :)