Friday Grab Bag - 11/03/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Nov 03 18:28 -0400 GMT
We're back with another Grab Bag to end the week. As always, thanks for everyone for sending in your questions, keep 'em coming!

Our 1v1 tournament is back this Sunday (Nov, 5th) with the Hybrid archetype. Congrats to Goinghurd (1st place) and Evoenia (2nd place) for advancing from the Casters round!  Wondering what this is all about? Our tournament page has all the details, and you can sign up here for all remaining archetypes.

If you have any game related questions for our DAOC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Continue reading below for this weeks questions :)

Hi, I been trying to get back into DAOC knowledge and for my melee class I have been told that RvR blocking % cap is at 60% yet in a Grab Bag August 1, 2008 it says block % cap is 75% which one is correct? Or when did this change take place?

The shield block cap was lowered to 60% in patch 1.96. That cap only affects RvR block rates, not PvE, and does not include the Engage ability.

I want to ask about LEG weapon, it count on spell resists, so does spell piercing works with it too?

No. Spell piercing only works on casted or procced spells (i.e. melee style procs). Legendary weapons change the damage type of a melee hit, and therefore do not take into account spell piercing.

Are you planning any addition keep warfare changes or RvR improvements?

Yes! As stated in the 1.124 notes we would like to make keeps more difficult to take. Additionally we are looking at improving the new ruined areas added to the game in 1.123, alleviating some of the stealth-camping going on around objectives, as well as some improvements to the battleground experience!

What are the maximum caps for mythical stats like overcap strength, overcap resists, cc-reduction, power regen, mythical dps and others?

Here’s a shorthand list first with explanations following:

Mythical stat caps – 52
Mythical DPS – 10
Mythical Power, Health, Endurance Regens – 50
Mythical Crowd Control - 50
All others – uncapped

As the supply of items with the uncapped mythical bonuses is increased in-game, we’ll be applying caps to them as well. For now, there simply aren’t enough of those bonuses available where a cap is necessary.

Here’s some more detailed information on the mythical stat caps from the 1.118 patch notes:

  • Mythical item stat bonuses and their caps have been changed in the following way:
    • Mythical stat cap items previously introduced have allowed players to exceed the traditional item stat caps of 101. However, until now, these mythical stats caps were uncapped. With the coming Otherworlds campaign and more mythical stat cap availability, the overall stat cap from items is now set to 127 (or 75+52).
    • This stat cap of 127 can be reached either solely with mythical item stat caps (75+52=127) or in combination with traditional stat caps which still have the same +26 limit.
      • Traditional stat caps are still only able to go up to +26 stat cap at level 50.
      • Mythical stat caps are able to go up to +52 stat cap at level 50, but cannot exceed the new 127 stat cap threshold even if used in combination with traditional stat caps.

I recently transferred some characters from Mordred to Ywain but stats like kills and such didn’t come with, can these be returned or are they gone for good?

Characters that transferred over from Mordred should still have their kills, deathblows, and keep/tower capture stats. If for some reason they do not, Customer Support can restore these values so long as they can locate the original transferred character on Mordred. In some rare cases, this may not be possible so please be understanding.

That's it for this week!

Have a great weekend everyone :)