Friday Grab Bag - 09/08/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Sep 08 17:29 -0400 GMT

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled Grab Bag, hope you enjoyed the insight behind the scenes in our last one :)

Lots of unbelievable weather around the world right now, to everyone in any of the regions affected - stay safe! You and your families are in our thoughts.

Thanks as always to everyone for sending in your questions, keep 'em coming! If you have any game related questions for our DAOC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for this week's Grab Bag!

Can you explain how exactly the kill counter for the daily quests works? We often had situations in keep fights when, for example, I did the death blow, but the kill did not count for us.

Kill Credit for the daily quests, excluding the solo-kill one which is based on the solo-kill rules, is entirely based on the character or character’s group obtaining the deathblow of an enemy player in RvR.

However, the siege-related daily quests require the relevant keep to be under siege (with the ‘flame’ icon showing on the /realmwar window) and require your character to be within the keep’s region. Most likely, any issue with getting credit for a kill on that daily quest means your character did not meet those 2 requirements.

Fortunately, we do have plans to increase the size of the keeps’ regions in version 1.124, which should alleviate the main issue with receiving credit on that quest.

The other daily kill quests have similar region requirements such as being in the ‘open’ and away from most structures like towers, keeps, and ruins or being within the Buggane’s Obelisk’s current region, respectively.

If you are not receiving credit for a kill, these region requirements are again most likely the culprit.

There appears to be a large number of inactive guilds that have guild houses. With the removal of house dues, is there a plan to repossess those houses to allow active players the opportunity to get a better house location?

We’ll look into how best tackle this with the housing update planned for late next year.

Big Stephen King fan here, was running with a prologue to chap5 BG on Alb and saw an NPC called Childe in the new Dartmoor dungeon. Then as we got to the chap5 part, Occultist Naxsomething (can’t remember the name) broadcasts something regarding a darkest tower in /region chat.

Was wondering if the King easter egg was actually a coincidence (the dark tower series of novels, for which S.K got his inspiration from a 19th century poem called "Childe Roland to the dark tower came", Roland being one of the main characters in the books) or was it done on purpose (and if so, how come no one caught it yet?!) Highly recommend reading those books :P


There are some other easter eggs in the Curse campaign that many avid readers or watchers of fantasy will surely pick up!

Somewhat recently changes were made to horse armor that increases mount speed. However, the Mythical horse armor received no such upgrade. Is there any chance to get this armor up to date? 

Correct. The Mythical Horse Armor was given as a reward to all accounts and characters who pre-ordered the Darkness Rising expansion. As such, several sub-level 50 characters have the Mythical Horse Armor and enjoy using it. Rather than limit lower levels from wearing their pre-ordered horse armor, that armor did not receive the speed bonus.

First off the 4.5 speed aurulite weapons are great! Is there any chance that we will see thrust/pierce and any other weapon type that has not been put in yet? I understand some specs will have weapons better than others, but they're basically Pictslayers. Since there are all damage types for those will we see others in the future?

As the campaign continues, keep checking the aurulite merchants for additional weapon types!