Friday Grab Bag - 06/21/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Jun 21 14:34 -0400 GMT

Time for this week's Grab Bag!

Happy longest day of the year, everyone! Which also means we're almost at the end of the month, and with July on the horizon (where is 2019 going?!), that's newsletter time. Make sure you've signed up so you don't miss a thing!

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, do please keep sending them in! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.


Does the Hammer of the Smith still drop from Smith Olivan?

Yes, though it is an extremely rare drop!

Does the repel magic charge of the cloak of the loyal savage stack with the cl resists buff? I tried but seems if you have cl buffs repel magic doesn’t work?

Yes, these 2 abilities do stack. Champion Level resists are *Primary* resists and show up on the character attribute page as green-colored resist buffs. The Repel Magic resists are *Secondary* resists that do not show up on the character attributes page as buffs, but do show up on the attribute page when hovering over a specific resist:

The “+10% / +40% Energy Total” in the above screenshot shows the “Primary / Secondary” total resist values. In that screenshot, both Champion Level resists and the Repel Magic ability are active for a total of 10% primary energy resist and 40% secondary energy resist. When Repel Magic fades, the line will change to “+10% / 0% Energy Total” for a total of 10% primary energy resist and 0% secondary energy resist.

The general rule of thumb is that primary and secondary resists stack and co-exist with each-other while 2 of the same type of active resist buffs will be overwritten by (or at best only co-exist with) each other, with some exceptions of course.


What is the max secondary magic resist a character can have temporarily ? They can invest in the passive Avoidance of Magic realm ability, as well as magic-resist buffs, and then buy Empty Mind and Bedazzling Aura realm abilities.Does EM/BA stack with the rest or each other ?

100% is the max secondary magic resistance a character can theoretically have. The Empty Mind and Bedazzling Aura realm abilities do not stack with each other as they are both effectively the same ability – with one being self-targeted and the other group-targeted. Each do stack with the passive Avoidance of Magic realm ability and some other secondary magic-resist buffs (from items) though.

Why are players allowed to port (with buffs given to them by lvl 50's) into the lower lvl BGs and the buffs stay active? Or worse yet, why do some lvl 50 items have lower lvl /use's on them that work in the lower BGs? When a player can get PA'd in Molv for 500-800, die, then come back 30 seconds later and get PA'd again and it hits for less than 200 (after landing successfully) there's something wrong with that equation. It's obviously a buff or /use item that's allowing that to happen. Peeps should not be able to run around in a non-50 RvR zone with all lvl 50 buffs and /uses... defeats the whole purpose for the BG.

Concentration buffs are already removed when buffed characters go to a different zone, so it’s already impossible for a BG-level character to get buffs from a level 50 and then return to a battleground fully buffed.

NPC-based stat buffs do allow characters to teleport with them, but a level 20 character receiving buffs from the level 20 buff NPC gets the same bonuses as from the level 50 buff NPC; so there is no advantage there.

As for item /uses, items with too-powerful /uses for battlegrounds are generally already prevented in those areas by either having a higher /use level requirement than the BG level range or by wholly preventing the item from being equipped at lower levels.

Additionally, there are several other explanations for the scenario given with the damage variance seen between Perforate Artery attacks. One possibility is that in the second instance the character was buffed (by another character in the same battleground zone) while in the first instance they were unbuffed/sheared. Another could be that in the first instance the character had active debuffs on them from a previous fight that allowed the damage to increase. Yet another could be that certain class abilities were down in the first instance but up in the second.

That said, if there are certain items that seem too powerful to be allowed in a battleground, please report them and we’ll absolutely take a look and adjust them (if necessary) on a case by case basis.

Our guild would like to change guild colors and we can't without losing our guild emblem. We all decided on a new guild emblem but the various options are ALL taken. Is there anything that can be done about this?

This is a popular and recurring question and something we’ll be taking a look at after the release of Endless Conquest. We launched 19 new emblems per realm in patch 1.120 which did help alleviate this issue somewhat but we know there is more to be done! The likely end result will be that guilds with no active members for a certain length of time will have their emblem unset and cleared so that active guilds can choose it. We’ll of course also look into adding more emblem and color options down the road!

That's it for this week!

See you in the frontiers! :)