Friday Grab Bag - 06/19/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Jun 19 15:10 -0400 GMT
Welcome to this week's Grab Bag!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Continue on to the questions! :)

Grapple clears stun immunity from the grappler. I understand the intent is to stun the grappler, regardless of if they have immunity, but shouldn’t I retain the remaining duration of my immunity after grapple stun ends? For example, if I have 45 second melee stun immunity and get grappled, shouldn't I retain the immunity and come out of the 10 second grapple stun with 35 seconds of immunity?

It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive but this is working correctly as described. Using grapple while stun immune has the downside of clearing your own stun immunity, as intended.

How big is the area of the theurgist and animist pet cap? The cap message is that "you have too many pets in the area". For example: if I cast 8 mushrooms, how many locs must I run to cast a 9th shroom? If I have 12 pets active, how far must I be to cast a 13th pet?

There are two limitations to the number of pets that can be cast by a Theurgist and Animist.

The first limitation is area-based and caster specific. The limit is 8 FnF pets for Animists and 12 for Theurgists. This means that each Animist cannot cast more than 8 FnF mushroom pets (this doesn’t count against their main controlled pet or their pet-based nukes). Additionally, if the Animist or Theurgist moves 6,500 or more in-game units away from where their pets are currently up, they will be able to cast up to their limit again.

The second limitation is area-based and prevents any Animist or Theurgist (or any other class that tries to summon a Fire and Forget pet) from casting additional pets if too many are already in an area. That limitation is 30 total FnF pets in a 1500 unit radius, across all realms.

What is the cap for arcane siphon?


I have a question about legendary weapons. How do Absorb (ABS) and the Armor factor (AF) work when using Heat legendary weapon ? Do the ABS and AF still work ? Or is my Heat resistance the only thing that matters?

Legendary weapons are defined as a melee weapon, just one with a magic damage type and so they take their target’s ABS and AF into account just like physical weapons do.

Why does Mid maze have no name, like Alb and Hib maze? At least in the death spam reports it just reports as killed in Jamtland Mountains.

Mid’s maze does have a region name:  Hvedrungr Hill

We’ve taken a look at the region and increased its size a bit to more fully encompass the maze’s area. This change will go live with patch 1.127.

I’ve been having an issue with some of my item-based buffs (like my RP bonus potion) no longer showing on my character after zoning! Are you going to fix this!?

We’re aware of this issue and are currently investigating but have had trouble reliably reproducing it. However, when it does happen, it appears to only be a display issue. The buff icons do indeed disappear from your screen but /using another item (like an endurance regen potion) will cause the missing icons to reappear. This means the missing effects were still affecting your character, they just weren’t showing up in your active buff icon area after zoning.

If you run into this and think your abilities have prematurely dropped, please try this workaround until we can track down a permanent fix.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)