Friday Grab Bag - 04/30/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Apr 30 09:42 -0400 GMT
Time for another Grab Bag! Yay!

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How many styles can be backed up in daoc? Is it 3 or more? I always thought it was 3 styles like anytime + reactionary + follow up to reactionary but someone told me it’s more. So I didn’t know if there was a specific number of input commands that can be backed up or not.

The melee combat system will only queue up to 2 *valid* styles to try in a given combat round. This means if you hit the style hotkey for an Evade-based reactionary style and then an Anytime style, the system will try to use the Evade-based reactionary style first and then the Anytime style on the next melee swing.

The order in which the styles are queued is the order that the system will attempt to fire them. If an anytime style is always queued first, it’s always going to be attempted first and anything queued behind it will be ignored, so melees need to ensure that they queue up their styles in the right order!

The key word here though is “valid”. Valid styles mean any style that is eligible to be used in the next round due to your actions in the previous melee round.  When initially engaging in melee combat, the only valid styles are the 1st styles in a chain (positional-based, evade/parry/block reactionary, or anytime styles). Once engaged in melee, a valid style could also be a 2nd or 3rd style in a chain (also known as follow-ups) if the prerequisite for that style was met in the previous combat round.

As soon as a melee queues up 2 styles that are “valid” for the next round, those 2 are queued and cannot be changed (and no other styles can be queued) until after the next melee swing. If a melee has style cancelling enabled and has only queued up 1 style they can re-select a style to un-queue it but once 2 are queued they cannot be cancelled either.

However, there is NO limit to the number of *invalid* styles in a melee round that can be attempted prior to queuing the 2 valid styles. Obviously, an invalid style is one that will fail if it is not immediately backed up with a valid style before your next melee swing, but over the course of a fight it may be useful to continually attempt to queue up a follow-up style so that it will fire as soon as its prerequisites are met. This allows the melee to not have to watch their combat log as closely allowing them to focus more on their surroundings and other combat tasks!.

For example, when performing a side-positional, a melee may first hit their 2nd in chain side positional follow-up style, then their side positional (1st in chain), then their anytime to ensure that the side positional’s follow-up style will always fire when its prerequisites are met.

In theory, there is no limit to how many of these follow-ups a melee attempts before queuing their 2 valid styles.

Another example would be where a melee hits their style hotkeys for the 3rd and 2nd side positional follow-ups, then the 3rd and 2nd rear positional follow-ups, and then the 1st in chain side and rear positional styles.

The melee system will only ever queue up the first 2 valid styles of those 6 that are attempted, but if they are continually attempted in that order, the follow-ups will always fire when their prerequisites are met! One has to be careful though because in this last example, if the melee is not behind or to the side of their target, all 6 of their styles will fail.

So in summary, there's no limit to how many follow-ups or invalid styles can be attempted each round before that limit of 2 valid styles is reached.

Is amnesia supposed to interrupt casters that are under mastery of concentration?

The Mastery of Concentration (MoC) realm ability only protects the caster from interrupts and Amnesia does not technically interrupt (unless resisted). When Amnesia applies to the target it causes them to “forget” the spell they were actively casting. Amnesia is a very powerful tool when used to counter a MoC’d caster but Amnesia itself must be continually cast to fully counter them and can be interrupted (or Amnesia’d) itself!

HI, I have one question concerning root from archery. How is it possible that a lvl 50 pet gets rooted 40 seconds from lvl 48 shot that has 15sec (+25% dur)? I tested SM pet and it wasnt rooted not even close to 40 seconds

The level 48 archer root shot (Bola Shot 4) has a starting duration of 36 seconds, not 15. With +25% duration, this works out to a starting duration (before resistances, etc.) of 45 seconds. If the pet did not have resistance buffs up at the time of the root and the archer had only +10-13% duration then the root would last exactly 40 seconds.

Item stat cap on conversion is 10% How about procs from Astral legs and Frigid Soul Quencher ? Does it stack ? So I could technically get 30% conversion if I’m lucky with the procs?

The damage conversion from abilities on the Astral Leggings of Fortification and Frigid Soul Quencher items do stack with the item-stat “Conversion”. However, the item abilities do not stack with themselves, so in theory 20% is the highest amount of conversion one could have.

If I was to use a Cold Leggy Staff debuff and dmg use and use the LVL10 Stormlord ability that makes a damage spell AOE. It's not doing the AOE part, am I doing something wrong?

The Stormlord Arcing Power ability only applies to your next cast, not an item’s cast.

Is there a way to tell when a guild was founded?

Unfortunately there is not a way to tell currently. Perhaps in the future we can look at adding this in!

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Thanksall, and enjoy the weekend!