Friday Grab Bag - 02/14/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Feb 14 06:45 -0500 GMT

It's a Valentine's Day Grab Bag! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone :)

While the rest of us are out doing something special for our hunnies, Whitman the Imp has also been busy today and has managed to find himself something special that he's sure will melt even the heart of his scorned succubus love! Avenge him for Lady Payne and steal his gift for your someone special instead! Or yourself, no judgement.

Developer's note: Players that have already killed Whitman and completed the 'A Matter of the Heart' quest will need to kill Whitman again to receive his One Time Drop gift. The 'A Matter of the Heart' quest is not needed to receive the OTD for anyone. Limit one per character and the gift is tradable.

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form :)

On to the questions!

Warlock’s new power cost on their highest level spreadheal is higher than for main healer’s highest spreadheals. How is that “even footing” with other spreadheals?

The comment about this putting them on “even footing” in the notes is more about general power consumption in comparison with other support classes, and not about the power cost of the individual spreadheal spells.

The higher spreadheal power cost on Warlock’s is due to list-casters having higher base power pools than other support classes from their higher acuity, their group-heal potentially costing 0 power if used with the powerless primer, and due to their access to very high power regen in the same Witchcraft specialization as their spread heal. With all of those factors considered, Warlock’s are on even footing with other support classes in terms of power management and cost when healing.

When defending the Central Keep in Molvik,attacking realms take the Siege Workshop to destroy defending siege equipment inside the courtyard. Why does regaining the Workshop by defenders not destroy attacking realm siege equipment inside the courtyard?

Owning the Siege Workshop as an attacking realm destroys all realms’ siege weapons (except for rams) inside the keep, including your own. As such, when the defending realm takes the Siege Workshop, the siege-destruction is disabled so that they can setup defensive siege weapons inside the courtyard. This does mean that the attacking realm can also setup siege in the courtyard too if they have breached the outer gate.

Unrelated to this, siege weapons are not allowed to be placed inside or on the CKs (other than via hookpoint) in the battlegrounds at any time, regardless of whether or not the Siege Workshop is active.

 Do the weapons from Tuscarian Glacier still have a 10% chance to miss?

No, all weapons in the game have the same +5% bonus chance to hit now.

Is Dexterity needed for a Norse Shadowblade?  If not, why is there Stats of Dexterity and Dex Cap throughout most of the King gear Lurking Shadow armor?  I recall this stat having little effect on getting the "500 Dex/Qui" to get Evade rates higher for SB's

Dexterity does still help with evade rates on Shadowblades but as you stated there can be some diminishing returns at high dexterity values. However, there is no other stat that would go on the King’s Epic gear in lieu of dexterity. That doesn’t mean we can’t come up with any other stat other than dexterity, it means that all of the other stats we want the King’s gear to cover, are already covered.

The King’s gear is setup so that when it’s equipped along with the Exemplar accessories and weapon, characters have the +101 to most relevant stats, +8-11 to most relevant skills, and 6-8% to their relevant TOAs. Shadowblade’s King’s epic gear does that already with the dexterity included.

Can you clarify the conditions for earning heal rps? I know spreadheal doesn’t give heal rps but group heal should but at times I’ve used group heal and received no heal rps. Why is this?

Sure thing! For a healer to receive realm points from healing, the following conditions must be true:

1) The target was damaged in RvR combat by another enemy player.
2) The heal spell is a single or group-targeted instant or casted heal and not a spreadheal or heal-over-time spell.
3) The healer or the healer’s group have earned realm points from kills or resurrections previously. These previously earned RPs are “pooled” and used to divvy out the heal RPs. If enough heal RPs are given out and the pool is diminished, no more RPs will be earned from heals until more are earned from kills or resurrections in RvR.

Have a fabulous Valentine's weekend :)