Community Poll

Posted by Community | 2020 Apr 01 05:11 -0400 GMT
As we make our way through the finishing touches on Patch 1.127 and look towards an alt server, we will be gathering a ton of feedback from the whole DAoC community covering various topics for both that server and Ywain/Gaheris. To start the ball rolling on this, our first Ywain/Gaheris poll: Increasing the maximum character level beyond level 50!

We will be adding new PvE zones on Ywain to aid in reaching the new character level, with even more great PvE campaigns! These campaigns will be run simultaneously, reducing the wait time between chapters on each campaign. Up to 4 campaigns will run at once, released weekly, and are full of new items with interesting new item uses!

So check out the poll below and vote for the new maximum character level!