1v1 Tournament Final and Reward Details

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 06 15:08 -0500 GMT
A lot of fights, fun, and drama later we have our overall 1v1 final players! Well done to everyone who took part, and congrats to the below winners. The final will be held this Sunday, Dec 10th, at 3PM EST / 9PM CET on the Pendragon server, and streamed live on our official Twitch channel!

Winner Roundup

Archers Assassins Casters
  • 1st - Niightstalkerr (Hunter)
  • 1st - Fantam (SB)
  • 2nd - Snowdog (SB)
  • 1st - Goinghurd (BD)
  • 2nd - Evoenia (WL)
Hybrids Light Tanks Heavy Tanks
  • 1st - Haoas (Reav)
  • 2nd - Yeias (Champ)
  • 1st - Axv (Merc)
  • 2nd - Waltr (BM)
  • 1st - Romanvs (Arms)
  • 2nd - Rauk (Warr)

Match ups will be announced the day of the tournament. A note for our finalists: please be on Pendragon and ready to start at least 10 minutes beforehand!

Details on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed rewards has also been updated. Head over to our 1v1 Tournament page and check out the prizes :) 

Good luck to all!