Live Server Maintenance and 1.124D Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Feb 12 13:33 -0500 GMT
Update 10:40 AM EST / 3:40 PM GMT: Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon are now open to all players!

Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon will be coming down tomorrow, February 13th, at 5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT to perform some additional server maintenance.

Estimated downtime is no more than 8 hours.

These 1.124D hot fix notes will be live when the servers return:


  • Love and bonuses are in the air!
  • Pets and pet-based classes have received much-warranted attention!
  • Improved Mercenary and Hunter RR5s!
  • Assassin and several other class changes abound!
  • Item changes and bug fixes, galore!

Friday Grab Bag - 02/02/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Feb 02 17:28 -0500 GMT

Welcome to the first Grab Bag of 2018, and what an exciting year ahead we have planned!

Our first newsletter of the year went out earlier in the week, so make sure to check your emails. If you are not signed up, you can do so by entering your email address on this sign up page. In the meantime, you can view the complete newsletter in your browser here.

Thanks to everyone for your questions! If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions! :)

Frozen Caverns and Ghost Keep Events

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 29 17:04 -0500 GMT

The following events are now live until February 13th, 2018!

Frozen Cavern Event

  • Venture to the Frozen Cavern and test yourself against the chill... and its cunning inhabitant: Jack Frost!
  • Visit Njord in the following locations to enter the instance of your choice:
    • Albion: near Merlin's Tower in Camelot
    • Midgard: near the Burial Grounds in Jordheim
    • Hibernia: near the Chamber of Magic in Tir na Nog
  • Two modes exist for this instance: Normal and Challenging
    • The Normal mode has a chance to drop 1 of the following rewards:
      • Frozen chestpieces
      • Frozen and other mythirians
      • Infernal sleeves
      • Darkness Falls jewelry
      • Supremacy, celerity, or omni-regen potions
      • A Cracked Ice Crystal
    • The Challenging mode has a chance to drop 1 of the following rewards:
      • Frozen weapons
      • Frozen chestpieces
      • Frozen mythirians only
      • Darkness Falls jewelry
      • Supremacy, celerity, or omni-regen potions
      • A Cracked Ice Crystal
      • In addition to having a chance at the weapons, the chance at the mythirians and darkness falls jewelry is much higher. The chestpiece chance is the same in both modes.
  • Loot no longer drops directly from Jack Frost, instead a loot chest is spawned when he is defeated.
    • Players can interact with the chest and receive 1 guaranteed reward per day but can still participate in the instance as many times as desired.
    • This chest will despawn after 20 seconds, so be sure to grab your loot quickly!
  • The Frozen Cavern instance will be available until February 13th, 2018.


Ghost Keep Event

  • Members of each realm should make haste to their ghostly ambassador to strengthen their realm's cause:
    • Albion - See the Ancient Paladin in the Catterick Hamlet relic town
    • Midgard - See the Ancient Thane in the Godrborg relic town
    • Hibernia - See the Ancient Champion in the Crair Treflan relic town
  • Players should ask the 'Ancient' NPCs for a [progress] report to be directed to the current task at hand.
    • These NPCs offer two quests during the 'supply' phase of the event that can only be obtained and completed during that phase.
    • Once a ghost keep has been triggered by a realm, the 'supply' phase ends for all three realms and these NPCs will direct players to defend or attack the appropriate ghostly keep lord!
    • Be sure to visit this NPC at each phase to ensure you pick up any available quests.
  • Earn extra realm points for completing the tasks throughout each phase of the event!
  • A successfully summoned ghostly keep lord will offer the Ring of the Summoned reward, along with a quest for the Ghostly Medal of Valor!
  • For more in-depth information, our handy guide explains the phases of this event in detail!
  • Please note that realm point bonuses do not affect the RP rewards from this event's quests. 
  • Players who obtained the Ghostly Medal of Valor last year can obtain one more with this event.
    • The Ghostly Medal of Valor is now able to be traded.
  • The Ghost Keep event will be available until February 13th, 2018.


Midwinter Festival Extension

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 16 08:00 -0500 GMT

As a token of our appreciation to each and every one of you, all Midwinter festivities (including bonuses and merchants) will be extended until the morning of Monday, January 22nd.

Thank you for playing Dark Age of Camelot and enjoy!

Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 12 17:10 -0500 GMT
A few hot and ready bug fixes and adjustments, mostly involving A Dragon's Curse campaign, are below! We'll have some more class-centric changes coming in the next week or two, so stay tuned and keep sending in your feedback!


  • Doppelganger Shards and Magic Orbs can now be used anywhere, including the capital cities and housing zones.
    • This fix should also address the issue with stealth classes that could sometimes /use these shards or orbs and then stealth and not receive their items.
  • Nearsight cures will now only remove the nearsight aspect of the Golden Scarab's Vest proc and not the snare and shapeshift too.
  • The following Curse Chapter 9 set bonuses should now properly apply their respective ability upgrades (many of these have been fixed since before the new year but are being retroactively noted):
    • Bainshee
    • Eldritch
    • Spiritmaster
    • Sorcerer
    • Valkyrie
    • Wizard
    • Healer
    • Scout
    • Minstrel
    • Reaver
  • Several Curse Chapter 9 chestpiece and leggings icons have been corrected to display the appropriate armor slot.
  • Heal procs on Curse Chapter 9 armors should now all fire properly.
  • Necromancer Bloodlord's Armor should no longer drop as "tattered" from the Curse Chapter 9 instance.
  • Valewalker's set bonus has been increased from +33% to +66% additional absorption.

A Dragon's Curse Campaign 

  • All realms Chapter 10:
    • Encounters now award area credit.
      • Please note that to receive area credit, players must be within the magical barriers that are active during the encounters.
      • These encounters will no longer grant credit to any battlegroups that are setup.
    • It is no longer possible to receive the glove reward without first completing Chapter 6's quest.
  • All realms Chapter 8:
    • Encounters now award area credit.
    • The countdowns between attack waves have been reduced from 30-300 seconds down to 30-60 seconds.
  • Albion Chapter 9:
    • Janus should always reset his encounter properly now.
    • Some of the normal mobs and Albion's 9.3 encounter have had their difficulties reduced to better align their difficulty with the Midgard and Hibernia versions.
  • All realms Chapter 7:
    • Encounters now all award area credit.
      • Please note that to receive area credit, players must be within the magical barriers that are active during the encounters.
  • Albion Chapter 7:
    • The barrier will now properly reset when the encounter is completed.
  • Albion Chapter 6:
    • Morella's ability to mesmerize has been removed.
  • Midgard Chapter 6:
    • The Dark Oracle and Dark Drakulv will no longer aggro as a group.
  • Hibernia Chapter 6:
    • The Glimmer Ghoul and Dark Glimmer have been relocated to alleviate line-of-sight issues.
    • Additional instructions have been added to direct players to the proper pathway upon clearing the second area in Aerus City.
    • Avriels have had their difficulty reduced slightly.

Live Server Maintenance - Ywain

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 09 11:36 -0500 GMT
Update 12:40 PM EST / 5:40 PM GMT: Ywain is once again open and available to all players!

The Ywain server will be coming down today (11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT) to perform some additional maintenance to address the in-game delays with gameplay and chat.

Servers are expected back up within 2 hours.

We also want to provide a bit more context for these in-game delays that many players are experiencing. All of our servers and services are hosted on the cloud and are affected by the recent software updates required to mitigate the Meltdown vulnerability. We heavily rely on these cloud services to run the game as smoothly as possible.

For more information on the recently discovered CPU vulnerability issues, please check out this article.

Unfortunately, the New Frontiers region on the Ywain server was only temporarily fixed by our configuration change last Friday. We started noticing more delays on Saturday afternoon and have been trying some behind-the-scenes fixes that don't involve downtime since then; none of which have fully resolved the issues. Fortunately, all other servers and services were fixed by that Friday downtime and are still looking good and performing better than ever.

With this downtime today, we will be trying a more robust configuration change to Ywain that we are hopeful will fix its remaining issues as well. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Live Server Maintenance - Ywain

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 05 11:40 -0500 GMT
Update 1:04 PM EST / 5:04 PM GMT: Ywain is back online and available to all players. Thank you for your patience!

The Ywain server will be coming down today (11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT) to perform maintenance intended to address some in-game delays with gameplay and chat.

Servers are expected back up within 4 hours.

We've noticed some poorer performance than normal in New Frontiers and want to make a configuration change to our server hosting to try and address it prior to the weekend.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we perform this downtime.

Live Server Maintenance (AWS)

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 02 15:23 -0500 GMT
All servers are online and open to players!

Update: Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon are now online and open to players! Archived servers are still undergoing maintenance and will be up within the next couple of hours.

The Ywain, Gaheris, Pendragon and all archived servers will be coming down tomorrow, January 3rd (5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT) to perform an Amazon server hosting security update.

Due to the amount of servers and background-processes under maintenance, servers are expected back up within 10 hours. Intermittent downtime may be noticed with the Account Center and the Herald websites but any issues reaching those sites should clear up within a few minutes.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we perform this extended downtime.

Twelve Days of Midwinter

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 21 11:11 -0500 GMT
The 21st of December is here which means that Midwinter is truly upon us. Celebrate the holiday spirit with our Twelve Days of Midwinter give-a-way event!

On the first day of Midwinter, Broadsword gave to me...

  • Login to the game and visit the following NPCs to receive a special reward each day!
    • Albion: Santa Nicholas in Camelot's church
    • Midgard: Kris Kringle in Jordheim's Assembly Hall
    • Hibernia: Daidi na Nollag in Tir na Nog's Alainn Cuir
  • Speak with the above NPCs to reveal your reward for each day.
    • Each day's reward will be revealed around 10:15 AM EST / 3:15 PM GMT and last the remainder of that day.
    • If you miss a day, you will be able to catch up and receive the missed rewards by visiting the NPC on subsequent days.
      • This means if you simply login on the twelfth day, you'll receive all 12 rewards!
        • Make sure you have room in your inventory!
  • These rewards are limited to level 50s and can only be obtained once per character.
    • All rewards will be tradable.
  • This event will run from today, December 21st, 2017 for the next twelve days, with the last day being January 1st, 2018!


Producer's Letter: 2018 and Beyond

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 20 11:58 -0500 GMT

Another exciting year in Dark Age of Camelot is almost in the books and another, even more exciting year is about to begin! Even more exciting, you say? Unquestionably - but I can’t just spoil things right away, you’ll have to read through the letter to find out why!

There are three major development goals that we intend to accomplish over the next year.

  1. Make Realm vs Realm the best experience possible. This means returning RvR’s focus to the combat and realm war.
  2. Improve the returning player experience. Streamline and update the many avenues to getting a character back up to speed.
  3. Grow the game’s population. More marketing, community engagement, a continued focus on user experience (UX) updates, and new incentives to play.