Patch 1.115e Comes to Pendragon!

Posted by Community | 2014 Jun 18 21:33 -0400 GMT

Update - 4:45PM EDT / 2245 CET:  Pendragon is back online!
Pendragon will be taken offline tomorrow, Thursday June 19th at 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET for the deployment of Pendragon Patch 1.115e. The server will be back up by 7:00PM EDT / 0100 CET. 

Please review the patch notes below!

• Agramon Towers get a new look and a new purpose! Read on to learn more!
• Move more freely throughout the Frontiers with our updates to Docks and Keeps!
• Quest changes, bug fixes, and new items! Check out the changes below!

Server Maintenance - Ywain Downtime

Posted by Development | 2014 Jun 09 11:45 -0400 GMT

Update: Ywain is back online! Thank you for your patience while we upgraded our Amazon server hardware.

Ywain will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday, June 10th at 8:00am EDT / 12:00pm GMT for server maintenance.

Downtime is expected to be less than 4 hours. We will update the Herald when the server is back online.

Agramon Tower Event Ends!

Posted by Development | 2014 Jun 02 14:03 -0400 GMT
Today marks the conclusion of our Agramon Tower event. As you know, this change to the New Frontiers was implemented as a temporary event in order to observe and measure how the change would impact action in NF. Should the change be approved as a permanent change, it will return with patch 1.115b. 

Please click the 'More' link to read on!

Agramon Tower Event Update

Posted by Development | 2014 May 30 12:38 -0400 GMT
The Agramon Tower event went live a week ago today, and in that time we have received positive feedback. The common sentiment is that the portal towers on Agramon are improving the ability for players to move through the Frontiers and find action faster.

Producer's Note

Posted by Talal Saad | 2014 May 29 16:50 -0400 GMT
Friends and realm mates,
On you will find a message from Broadsword president: Rob Denton about the recent events regarding EA Mythic. I am reaching out to you today to provide you with my personal assurance that the team here at Broadsword remains committed to our investment in Dark Age of Camelot.

(Please click the 'More' link for the full message)

Agramon Event and Hot Fix Notes

Posted by Development | 2014 May 22 13:49 -0400 GMT
Update: The Event and Hot Fix Notes are now live!

Greetings friends!

Our response to your New Frontiers Revamp feedback continues apace. While we still have several ideas and fixes brewing, some are ready-to-go! We wanted to get these out to you as soon as possible, so...

Inside the Grab Bag's Studio

Posted by Community | 2014 May 16 17:23 -0400 GMT

My noble friends and realm mates:

Sir Grabford Bagsworth here with a special treat for you! This week’s Grab Bag will be an interview with a most popular, sophisticated, and impressive gentleman.  ME!  I’ve locked myself in a tower, the table is set, I look dashing, the wine is flowing, and I will be conversing with a mirror.

I had best begin – Carol is attempting to siege down the door and yelling something about me being "intoxicated" and "crazy".

‘Sorry Carol, maybe if you spent less time stalking players and more time leveling Bruiser you wouldn’t have had your Grab Bag stolen!’

Ahem. Pardon the interruption. Click the ‘More’ link to read my interview! 

More Hotfixes!

Posted by Community | 2014 May 08 14:46 -0400 GMT
The following hotfixes are now live:
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing specialty ammunition from being used in all siege weapons
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Portal Ceremony from firing at the appropriate intervals
  • Reduced the agro range for Pict mobs on Ruined Keep roofs

Bonus Weekend!

Posted by Community | 2014 May 08 12:03 -0400 GMT

Starting today, Thursday May 8th and ending Monday, May 12th the following bonuses will be on live servers:

On Ywain:

100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons.
100% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones.
25% bonus to RP in all NF zones (including Darkness Falls and The Labyrinth)

On Gaheris:

100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons.
100% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities.
100% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities.

Click the 'More' link to see the additional bonuses!


Posted by Community | 2014 May 06 19:28 -0400 GMT

The following changes have been hotfixed on live servers (click the ‘More’ link for full notes!):

Porting Changes

  • The Portal Ceremony on the PvE side of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen has been removed.
  • The Portal Ceremony in the Frontiers will now teleport players to their Realm’s Portal Keep every 10 seconds.
  • The Portal Ceremony timer is now increased by 60s for every keep lost by the home realm. This means if a home realm loses the center keep and both coastal keeps, the ceremony will be 3:10 minutes.
  • A Realm must own their center island keep (Caer Boldiam, Glenlock Faste, and Dun nGed) in order to port to any captured keeps in enemy Realms.

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