Chapter 2
You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 2, and must have completed the prologue and Chapter 1. 


Once you've completed Chapter 1 and selected your reward, continue speaking with Master Zedde to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Exploring the Dreamworld.
Master Zedde wants you to offer your assistance to Master Moore at the Lookout Tower.
Speak with Barrisa who will teleport you to the Lookout Tower. She can be found near Nana Manastrong to the north-east of Master Zedde (loc: 38695, 40086, 4947)

Once teleported to the Lookout Tower, speak with Master Moore to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Observing the Observers.
Master Moore wants you to find information from three spies near the Lookout Tower.

Find and defeat:
  • Nora Flusterfly
  • Lesstan Mendergal
  • Pinty Gileancan

Once all have been defeated, return to Master Moore to complete the quest.

Nora Flusterfly can be found south-east of the Lookout Tower (loc: 12711, 12405, 4946).

Lesstan Mendergal can be found south of the Lookout Tower (loc: 11593, 15953, 4947).

Pinty Gileancan can be found south-west of the Lookout Tower (loc: 5303, 12988, 5034).


Additional Quests - New Potions

There is one additional quest available in this Chapter, separate from the main quest line. This quest can be obtained from the Otherworld version of Nana Manstrong, located up the ladder at the Lookout Tower. Nana Manastrong will not give you this quest until you have completed the above quest: [Siabra]: Observing the Observers

[Siabra]: Evaluating Essence

Nana Manastrong wants you to travel to Tir na Nog and speak with the Alchemist Master Aslander.
Once you reach Tir no Nog, locate and speak with Aslander by the alchemy table (loc: 24229, 23087, 8305) to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest [Siabra]: Essential Ingredients

Aslander wants you to return to the Dreamworld and search for Otherworldy Essences.
Return to the Otherworlds and collect one of the essence plants. 4 items are listed in your quest journal, however, you only need to collect one plant.

Search within Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 areas for these plants.
Once collected, return to Aslander in Tir na Nog to complete the quest and collect your reward (a choice of one of the 6 new potions).

Once completed, you can now collect Otherworldly Essences for ingredients required for the new potions added with Chapter 2 (listed below under notes).


  • After completing Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 2:
    • Albion: Master Burray in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse
    • Midgard: Master Hamis in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp
    • Hibernia: Master Zedde in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen
  • With Chapter 2, players are now able to craft 6 new potions:
    • Draught of Supremacy - Full, capped buffs potion!
    • Draught of Celerity - Celerity buff potion!
    • Draught of Restoration - Resurrection Sickness cure!
    • Draught of Tenacity - End reduction buff!
    • Draught of Omni-Healing - Health/Endurance/Power heal!
    • Draught of Omni-Regen - Health/Endurance/Power regen buff!
  • These new potion recipes are visible in the Alchemy tradeskill list in the following categories and skill levels:
    • Draught of Supremacy: Stat Buff Draughts category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Celerity: Special Potions category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Restoration: Special Potions category at 1100 skill
    • Draught of Tenacity: Special Potions category at 1080 skill
    • Draught of Omni-Healing: Healing Potions, Endurance Potions, or Power Potions categories at 1090 skill
    • Draught of Omni-Regen: Regen Potions category at 1080 skill
  • Players will have to complete the Observing the Observers quest in Chapter 2 before they are able to gather the new rare crafting components required to make the new potions.

Fan Fiction

Decoded using high war glyph and hidden magics by Eiridethies, Enchantress to the Shining Thron
Distribution Disallowed

The Shining Thron
Army of the Seelie

On the direction of Master Zedde, today we offered assistance to Master Moore at the newly placed lookout tower at our forward position. Our supply line is now intact; Barrisa has mastered the area and is capable of teleporting any number of rangers to the forward position. We have stressed to her the urgency of updating her placements as we progress in what I fear will be a lasting campaign into the nether. On our request, Barrisa transported us through fog and past encroaching dreams, to forward camp.

We spoke there first to Master Moore, who instructed me to observe the observers. In short, Moore had word of three powerful spies in the area sent, he suspects, to assess our numbers and obtain any and all advantage. However, I am pleased to say I learned from the late Treagian, long beloved bard of Cernnunos, and first spy as may be to the Thron. My credentials are recorded as number 23358-CV.

I set out with several companions chosen for stealth, foresight, and skill with blade or dagger. We quickly located the three creatures in question. They were most certainly sent to assess and obtain from our force any advantage.

Nora Flusterfly was positioned south-east of the Lookout Tower. An apparition with skill of mage, her animosity towards our progress in this realm was soon assured. Intent in seeking for our encampment, it was quick work in observing her purpose. Once confirmed, we struck, first in feint to elicit verbal response. Why was she here, what was her intent, and lastly but most importantly where was her force. Our questions she did not answer until upon rendering up her life in searching her corpse we then discovered possible secrets best left unstated here. They are attached by hidden satchel to this letter, coded to appear by beckoned word of elvish tongue alone. May the light guide the Thron through these tokens to the truth.

Lesstan Mendergal was found south of the Lookout Tower. A two handed warrior wielding only a one handed blade. Against this kind we sent for hero and champion from our number. Once this Mendergal too was found wanting and refused question, he proved unable to parry legendary weapon. I will report forthwith if this weak habit of bladecraft is widespread among this enemy, and Godess protect that this cleverly placed information is not meant to lead us into trap quietly set.

Pinty Gileancan was found south-west of the Lookout Tower. My companions began to close in once the feral intent of this creature was established, yet as the creature furthered from our position, I feared he would be waiting for word from what army of theirs may remain. We held then, awaiting any contact, hoping to establish a connection more distant, a direction to this hidden army more clear, a way to advance more sure. As the sun began to set I knew our chance had ended for in the darkening light this ghostly creature began to lose its, at most, partial form and presence in our reality. As well, Gileancan had became wary, possibly due the loss of the other spies. We struck then. A quick death, yet now I report that at least some of these creatures have knowledge of shield as well as weapon. What she wielded as such weapon was similar to Valewalker, but one handed and of shorter reach. It is unclear even yet, but included within this hidden satchel. The rest on her person was naught of importance. Some old coins and a poem, a spurned lover, perhaps.

Upon return and conference with Master Moore, we decided a full report to you was in order. The Master was not incorrect in his assumptions. A highly organized enemy presence here is confirmed. Quoting training of Treagian, when high organization and tradecraft is confirmed and observed, assume, no be assured, of some method of decrepit observation yet undiscovered. We tread with steps much more cautious as we await your commands.

Message encoded by Colvae
Secret word: Woad

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