Chapter 1
You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 1. 


Once you've completed the Prologue, continue speaking with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Picking a Fight.
Arin Snowtouch wants you to travel to Jordheim and speak with Braden.
Braden can be found upstairs in the caster trainer building (loc: 26021, 27352, 8025)
Speak with him to complete the first part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Braden to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Energetic Collections.
Braden wants you to travel into Darkness Falls and retrieve the spirtual conduit of a Succubus.
Travel to Darkness Falls and kill a Succubus. You may need groupmates to help with this step as Darkness Falls is a RvR dungeon.
You may need to kill more than one to get credit.

Once completed, return to Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp.
Speak with her to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Into the Spirit World.
Arin Snowtouch wants you to travel through Ymir's portal, and find Master Hamis.
Run towards the glowing portal in Ymir's camp, and port through. You must be on this step of the quest, or have already completed this quest, to enter the portal.

Once you've entered the portal, find and speak with Master Hamis to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Master Hamis to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Lost in Transition.
Master Hamis wants to open a two-way portal between the worlds, and needs your protection to complete the ritual.
When ready, tell Master Hamis to [begin].
As he ventures between 3 portal stones, ghostly mobs will attack and try to kill him.
Keep him healed, and defeat all attackers!
Once the portal ritual is complete, Master Hamis will return to the center of the portal stones, where you can now speak with him to complete the quest.

Continue speaking with Master Hamis to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Removing the Captain.
Master Hamis needs your help to keep the portal open. To prevent reinforcements arriving, Master Hamis asks you to kill the Jotun Captain.
The Jotun Captain can be found in the Jotun camp west of the portal stones. Kill him and any adds that come with him. 
Once he's dead, return to Master Hamis to complete the quest, and obtain your ring reward.

Additional Quests

There are two additional quests available in this Chapter, seperate from the main quest line. These quests can be obtained from the Otherworld version of Arin Snowtouch, located directly west of the three portal stones. 

[Jotun]: Giant Settlement

Arin Snowtouch wants to you help thin the ghostly mob numbers by killing an amount of the following mobs:

  • Defeat 10 Jotun Lobbers
  • Defeat 10 Jotun Fighters
  • Defeat 10 Jotun Casters

Once completed, return to Arin Snowtouch for your reward.

[Jotun]: Otherworldly Flora

Arin Snowtouch wants you to collect one of the very tall plants that appear native to the Spirit World for study.

  • Pick one of these plants by right clicking with your mouse.

Return to Arin Snowtouch for your reward.
This quest shows you the Otherworldy Essences that you can collect to craft the 6 new potions coming in Chapter 2, including Draught of Supremacy.


Details and information for Chapter 1 can be found in Patch Notes 1.118.

  • Chapter 1 of the campaign continues from the Prologue’s quest and encounters that came out in the 1.117 patch. As such, in order to begin Chapter 1, players will need to complete the Prologue’s quests first if they have not already done so.
    • Earn the new Otherworldly Rings for completing Chapter 1!
    • To begin the Prologue visit the following NPCs once you’ve reached level 50:
      • Albion: Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room
      • Midgard: Athr Hasetti Theyr in the Throne Room
      • Hibernia: Seneschal Desmond in the Throne Room
    • For those that have already completed the Prologue and are ready to begin Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue:
      • Albion: Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse
      • Midgard: Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp
      • Hibernia: Nara Manastrong in Bog of Cullen

Fan Fiction

Oh Mummz,

I'm writing briefly before my next assignment begins. I was going to wait a while until I had more time to tell you everything, but who knows when next I'll have the chance to send to you? It's such a wide, wonderful world Mummz, and I've been seeing all of it, in person!

Today felt like it went by so quickly, but as I write this I can see that I did so much, that it just felt magical. It started when I returned to Arin Snowtouch. I first went down to the river to the south to wash and clean myself of the blood.

The nightmare of last night was soon forgotten. Arin suggested that I travel back to Jordheim to speak to Braden. After asking some of my realm mates here, I learned that he could be found in the caster trainer hut. I began to set off on foot for Jordheim when one of our group laughed at me and called me a newbie. I don't know what form of healer a newbie is but I will strive to find out and let you know. She explained that as an advanced healer she can transport our group back, in an instant, to Jordheim. And this is what she did, Mummz!

After speaking to Braden our group made preparations to travel to Darkness Falls. Ok, Mummz, don't panic. It wasn't at all like the stories you scared me into being good as a little trolling. It was wonderful. I even got to see some of the mythical Hibernians and mystical Avalonians. Unfortunately I didn't get to see them for long, as our group slaughtered them. I was temporarily saddened at both the fact that I hadn't been able to try to heal any of our group, and that our realm enemies were not alive long enough for more than cursory observation. I bent down to peer at a rather short Lurikeen, when the Dwarf leader in our group snapped at me. He said it wasn't becoming a warrior to examine the corpses of our enemies. I kept looking around for more of these fleeting races, but we were always running into succubus, succubi?, as our Frostalf healer reminds me, apparently reading over my shoulder. After a few short attacks on these winged creatures, all of us checked our inventory and it was found that we all had collected the required spiritual conduit. She's gone away now, but Mummz, I hope she teaches me wonderful things!

Once back in Jordheim, our group didn't even spare me time to shop for some new and sparkly items. I saw a merchant with a beautiful purple cloak with a sparkly hue, but my group was already departing. I really hope it is still there when I next return! On our passage back down to Vanern Swamp, our Dwarf leader pulled me aside. He expressed puzzlement at my role within the group. I explained that I had been healing our members as they needed it using champion heals that I had learned from the base trainer. He shook his head and asked me what I remembered of my fight against Ymir. I shrugged and said I was trying to put it out of mind, and had been having a fantastical time today in respite of last night. He explained that I'd be of more use in this particular group if I used my 2 handed weapon. I wasn't very convinced after he reminded me that we already had two more experienced healers. Luckily he also added that besides, healers also get to use 2 handed weapons. I told him that I would humor him, but was going to speak to my healer trainers for more advice when we returned.

In Vanern Swamp we quickly spoke again to Arin Snowtouch, who told us we were needed past Ymir's portal, into the unknown world that awaited. Some of our group were a bit hesitant to assist the Master Hamis there, but I so wanted to see this new world that almost none from Midgard had yet seen. The rest of our group chased soon after me. Once inside the portal I gazed around; there were mystical lights and a haze and warmth unlike Midgard so much so that it reminds me a little of a bath house. Or at least how they were explained in stories when I snuck into the hunting lodge as a trolling. I spoke briefly to Master Hamis, and then our Dwarf leader told Hamis to begin his ceremony.

Master Hamis began to walk between his stones, chanting and doing shaky things with his staff. All of a sudden our Dwarf leader charged towards some creatures that were approaching. I called out to him that we didn't know if they would even hurt us, but suddenly one of them was upon Master Hamis. Noticing that he was being healed by the two experienced healers in our group, I set into the creature with my weapon, and it was soon laying at my feet. I think I attacked a few more creatures as they went to harm our healers, and then Master Hamis sighed and let us know it was finished. We gathered round him for his report and he shook his head, saying that this ritual would not hold as long as the Jotun Captain was nearby, gathering an army.

I followed our Dwarf leader as we headed west from the portal stones, and soon saw a large and beautiful Jotun. He too charged us, along with the creatures nearby, but by this time we had become an experienced group, and I was again able to protect our other two healers. After the hefty creature lay at our feet, I ventured out further west, but soon hit some sort of barrier. It made me feel uncomfortable, Mummz, so I went back. Our Dwarf leader glanced up from examining the dead Jotun Captain. He snapped "It's different, this is a new creature, it must be reported", but then reconsidered his tactic. "What did you discover" he asked me, with a somewhat more even tone. I wasn't sure quite how to respond, so I shrugged my shoulders and said that something uncomfortable had prevented me from going further west. After a few more excursions our group decided that whatever barrier it was, was erected not a far distance in all directions from the portal stone.

With this new information we returned to Master Hamis, who nodded, with understanding and gave us a choice of beautifully crafted rings he had fashioned from the ether here he said. I told Master Hamis I'd like an otherworldly arcane ring if he please, but before I could finish our dwarf leader interrupted me and whispered something into Master Hamis's ear. Whatever it was, the ring I received fits me so beautifully, and I feel stronger and more nimble than before. Such magics and wonders await us here Mummz! I'll be sure to tell you more.

Your trolling as ever,

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