RvR Tournament Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Oct 30 10:28 -0400 GMT
Greetings friends,

There are just under TWO days left in our first ever Realm vs Realm Tournament!

The top 100 leaderboards in each realm are full of impressive performances by some very good players. In appreciation of this fact, we'd like to announce that we'll be doing a drawing to award 3 lucky players from each realm, that are in their realm's Top 100 list, with a 30 day Game Time Code! The top RP and Kill/Death ratio winners in each realm will be receiving a 30-Day GTC as well and won't be eligible to win in the drawing.

The drawing will take place next Monday, November 3rd, once the tournament has concluded and the Leaderboards are set! 

On another note, we wanted to make a quick announcement about how the winners of the tournament will be determined. Tomorrow, October 31st, at the stroke of midnight the Leaderboards will be saved and frozen. We will then spend the weekend ensuring that all winners have participated cleanly, within the spirit of the game, and announce the winners officially on Monday. Any players deemed to have cheated in anyway will be removed from the leaderboards and a final, saved version of the top 100 lists will be saved and archived on the Herald, for all to see on Monday.

Additionally, once the Tournament and Tournament's drawing winners have been announced, the statues will be erected in the capital cities over the course of next week. With the addition of the statues, there will also be a new quest that can be obtained when visiting each of them. The tasks they will have you embark on will be dangerous but the reward will be worth it!

Good luck to all and a round of applause for everyone who's made it (and are going to make it!) into the Top 100 lists!

The Dark Age of Camelot Team