Pendragon Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Dec 01 17:52 -0500 GMT
Greetings all,

We have another small batch of notes for you to digest this evening. Read on for more information!

  • The Champion Level 15 resurrection ability has had its range reduced from 1500 to 350 and its cast time increased from 10s to 15s.
  • The Champion Level str/con buff ability now correctly includes the dex/qui buff too.
  • Several CL15 Weapons have had some adjustments made to them:
    • The Infernal Rampage proc on the Assassin weapons has had its delve increased from 50% to 75% chance to resist debuffs.
    • The dexterity caps on the Hero spear, Valkyrie swords, and 2h Thane weapons have been changed to quickness.
    • Clerics, Heretics, Wardens, Bards, Druids, Healers, and Shaman now have a melee-oriented and support-oriented weapon choice for all possible weapon types of their given class. 
    • The Blood Seal weapon stores have been updated with these new weapons.
    • The Friar CL15 Quarterstaff has had its Healing Bonus increased and a Duration bonus added.
    • The Healer 1H and 2H Hammers now delve as a hammer instead of a sword
    • The Shaman 1H and 2h Hammers now delve as a hammer instead of a sword
  • All CL15 Weapons are now drop-able and vault-able.