Patch 1.115c Comes to Pendragon!

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 24 11:18 -0400 GMT

Update 4:00PM EDT / 2100 CET: Pendragon is back online!  You may log in to continue charcopying and preparing your test character! We'll see you tonight!

Pendragon will be taken offline Monday, March 24th at 2:00PM EDT / 1900 CET for the deployment of Patch 1.115c. We expect the downtime to be no more than 4 hours. The server is expected to be up no later than 6:00PM EDt / 2300 CET. 

Players may continue to /charcopy their characters to Pendragon for this evening's test event until the server comes down. You may find information on how to /charcopy by clicking here! Please find the Patch Notes for 1.115c below. Short and sweet!


• Your great feedback came in loud and clear! Check out the latest changes to the New Frontiers!
• Updates and fixes based on first Pendragon Test Event!
• Read about the changes made to Relic-Capture in NF!


• A captured sixth Relic will now be stored in the Ruined Keep rather than the center island keeps
• A Relic cannot be stored in the Ruined Keep until all 5 other relics are stored in the other keeps
• Once a Relic is stored in the Ruined Keep, a Keep Lord and contingent of guards will spawn in the Lord Room to protect the relic; no other guards will spawn.


• Doppelganger Realm Shards can no longer be used in the Capital Cities or Housing regions
• All Horse Armors now provide the correct speed bonus
• Boat routes should no longer deposit players on land or get stuck
• Dock encounters on Agramon have had their difficulty adjusted downward and made the same regardless of what realm controls them.
• Dock encounters should flip properly now
• The cyhraeths near Berkstead are now charm-able grimwood willows
• The icestriders outside Nottmoor are no longer of the aggressive variety
• Permanent Hasteners have been added to all Portal Keeps
• The Breath of The Realm NPC has been removed from all Portal Keeps


• Players who log out inside their Portal Keep will no longer be teleported back to their Strength Relic Town on login
• All members of a battlegroup within 4000 units of the capture point now get Relic capture credit