Hot Fix Client Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Mar 30 11:48 -0400 GMT
Barring any issues, this will be the last client update until patch 1.123. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we have made some great strides behind the scenes with these changes to set the table for more comprehensive Ui/UX and client updates down the road. Notes below!

  • Made some adjustments to the way /qbinds and movement work if the /qbind uses a modifier+movement key:
    • By default, modifier keys still don't break player movement except in the following scenarios.
    • Movement keys are defined as forward, backward, turn left, turn right, strafe left, strafe right; autorun is not a movement key for these purposes. The following examples work the same regardless of which type of movement key is used.
      • Example 1: If a user has an ability bound to SHIFT+W and W is their move forward key, pressing SHIFT+W will only fire the /qbound ability now and will not move the character forward.
      • Example 2: If a user has an ability bound to SHIFT+X and W is their move forward key, pressing W will move the character forward and the user can still press their SHIFT+X /qbind and continue moving; so long as the user doesn't have a bind set to SHIFT+W. If the user does have a bind set to SHIFT+W in this scenario, their character will now stop.
  • Added new option to /keyboard window "Modifiers break move keys" that when toggled will cause any manual character movement (so not including autorun) to cease when ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT are pressed. This option allows for exactly how things worked prior to yesterday's client. By default this setting is NOT set.
    • Please note that custom UI developers will need to update their key_config.xml file in order for this new option to appear.
  • Changing from full-screen to a windowed client will no longer cause the windowed client to always appear in front of other windows or programs on the desktop. 
  • Mouse cursor movement should once again be aligned after re-sizing the client's resolution.