Friday Grab Bag - 10/06/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Oct 06 16:46 -0400 GMT
Welcome to another edition of the Grab Bag!

Just a quick update on our upcoming 1v1 Tournament, based on feedback and requests we've pushed the date for Archers to the end of the tournament archetype rounds, now scheduled for December 3rd (3PM EST/9PM CET). Every other date is as is. The date for the overall final has also been set for December 10th, 3PM EST/9PM CET. Our tournament page has been updated with all the details, and there's still plenty of time to register for all archetypes :) Sign up here!

If you have any game related questions for our DAOC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

This week's Grab Bag is below!

What is Gem Cutting and will there ever be any patches that will improve the desirability and demand of crafting in general.

Gemcutting is simply a sub-craft to spellcrafting in the same way that metalcrafting is a sub-craft to armor or weaponsmithing. However, Jewelcraft – which may be what you were intending to ask about – was tradeskill that was originally designed to allow for the customization of accessories like cloaks, belts, rings, etc. identically to how spellcrafting works for crafted armor and weapons.  However, given the amount of customization already derived from just spellcrafting, it was decided long ago that this amount of customization would be unnecessary and so Jewelcraft is an extraneous craft at this point.

Right now there’s a steady demand for alchemy and spellcrafting which we’re happy with. However, the other crafts are missing some incentives. We do have some plans to address this in some future updates.

Hi, I been wondering if the realm button at character selection ever going to be activated? Sometimes you log in and your friends are not playing in that realm and to see if they are on the other realm you have to exit the game and log back in to switch realms. It's a bit inconvenient.

Agreed! This is something we can address. By the way, here’s a little trick for the time being: the “realm” text underneath the button does allow you to click it. We’ll adjust the clickbox to encompass the button too.

Has it been long enough now (since the expansions have released) to have classes such as the Mauler leveling at the same rate as the other classes?

Maulers level at the exact same rate as all other classes; this was always the case. This can be seen by comparing the amount of experience received by Maulers vs other classes when they are all grouped together and the same level (assuming identical XP item bonuses, etc.). The experience amounts received are always the same.

Maulers were not able to use the /level command at their release, which may be what you are remembering here. But that command has been disabled for all classes for some time now.

What is Draginium Ore, and what is it used for? The delve doesn't show anything and I am unable to find anything anywhere about it.

Stay tuned…
*Carol note: oh my, very ominous indeed!

Does changing my damage type to crush arrows actually work? How does that apply and to what shots do these apply to. If I'm using benthic shot and I have crush arrow types do I do both damage types or do I do cold damage?

The Blunt, Thrusting, and Slashing Arrows abilities for all archers only affect archer shots that already have a base physical (Slash, Thrust, or Crush) damage type. This includes Standard, Long, Power, Point Blank, Patella, Bola, and Critical shots – these shots are all set to a Slash damage type by default.

Any magic-based shot retains its existing magic damage types when used in conjunction with the Blunt, Thrusting, or Slashing Arrows abilities.

Have a wonderful weekend all :)