Friday Grab Bag - 08/11/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Aug 11 14:49 -0400 GMT
It's Grab Bag time!

Don't forget to get your teams signed up for our 5v5 tournament! Registration closes Wednesday, August 23rd at 5PM EST/10PM GMT, so still plenty of time :)

Thanks to everyone for your questions. If you have any game related questions for our DAOC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to this week's questions...

Previously there was talk of a housing update, is this still in the works? Full consignment merchants, vault space, plat limit, better market search badly need looking at and improving.

Yes, we absolutely will follow-through with our earlier promises of a housing update. We have long-term plans for entirely new house art, house types, increased house vault space, a solution to full consignment merchants, and improvements to the market search usability and interface.

In the nearer term, we are focusing on the completion of our ongoing Dragon Curse campaign, RvR and class changes to address your ongoing feedback, the aforementioned MTX features like durability repair and race/gender/name respecs, as well as some soon to be announced initiatives! Once those near to mid-term goals are complete, we would love to return our attention to the much-needed housing updates!

As a cleric I wanted to change my small shield to Aten's shield with the new Mithril system. But when I got the shield the scholar gave me a medium shield. Is there anyway broadsword is going to correct this so we can have a choice between small and medium?

This is something we can possibly look at in the future but it’s not technically a bug. One of the unique benefits of Clerics is that they have always been able to use medium shields whereas other non-melee healing classes have been limited to only small shields. This has meant that their rewards have been itemized with medium shields in lieu of small ones across most of the game’s content, with Aten’s shield included. Changing this item to allow Clerics to choose the shield size sounds like a logical enough idea on paper but of course there are many other examples of many other classes that will have similar requests. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it's not a priority at the moment and we would much rather tackle all of those changes in one fell swoop than do them piecemeal and have some classes feel left out.

Now that there is an official place for this question, I'll ask something I've always wondered about. The game has every type of magic imaginable...except for water. As a Hib-only player, I'm seeing the nature connection in Hibernia with the naturalist classes, so if such a class or spec line were ever made, Hib would be the best place for it. Wizards have fire, Theurgs have wind, both have earth, Hibs have nature heals with vague names like "renascence" and "apotheosis", thanes have lightning, and we even have magnetism and whatnot on the mauler, but why no water magic? I've always wondered why all the other magic types under the sun are available in one form or another, but this was the one that was left out. Why is that? I think it would be one of the coolest additions ever!

To be fair, Wizards and Theurgists do have Ice magic already! That said, Water magic would certainly be a great addition to the game and perhaps one day we can add it onto a relevant (or new!?) class.

Many feel that the current relic system is outdated with today’s game. They are only worth taking to annoy the other realms, but mostly not taken due to their slowness to run back. Does Broadsword have any plans to look into bringing relics in line with how RvR is today?

We have had some internal discussions as far back as patch 1.115 regarding relics and how they should be changed.

One of the larger ideas discussed was to institute a relic capture “ceremony” where the attacking realm must hold the relic temple or keep for X amount of time. Once the ceremony ended, the attacking realm would be teleported back to their realm’s relic temple along with the captured relic. Granted, that discussion revolved around the 1.115 rules where relics were stored in un-capturable keeps or the temples which kept them more open to attack by the defending realm.  The feedback at the time was to only tweak them slightly as many players enjoyed the opportunity to intercept relics on their way to a realm’s temple.

We are certainly open to the idea of upping the relic-carrier’s speed as well and are still open to any feedback on the relic bonuses themselves but have admittedly gotten very little feedback regarding relics over the past several months.

Is it true that every/certain armor and weapon pieces have different proc rates compared to others? I've heard that some meth fangs and timeless chest pieces have a much higher proc rate than others, or is it just RNG?

Offensive and reactive proc chances are set on each individual weapon or armor piece so it’s entirely possible that some items do have higher or lower chances to proc but as a general rule we use the following proc rates:

Reactive armor or shield procs: 10% chance
Offensive 2-handed or 1-handed weapon proc: 10-15% chance
Offensive dual-wielded weapon proc: 6-8% chance

Looking at the Timeless chest pieces and Astral Mephitic Fangs specifically, they each have proc rates in line with the values listed above.

With that in mind, if you do see an item that seems to have much higher or lower proc rates than what’s listed here, please report it as a bug and we’ll take a look.

Enjoy the weekend all :)