Friday Grab Bag - 07/28/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Jul 28 16:11 -0400 GMT
It's the weekend, time to relax and unwind...Start off with the Grab Bag!

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If you have game related questions for our DAOC Devs, don't forget to send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions!

In the last two years we've gotten a lot of powerful new items, but they all seem to have spirit as a main resist. In making a variety of templates for a variety of different classes and realms spirit always seems to be significantly over capped and/or you need to use less then desirable items to get the most utility. My question specifically is targeted at the new boots that were released with chapter 5 of the curse campaign. Is this setting up for future items that may replace old items or was spirit chosen to go well with the story line, etc.? Body, Heat, Thrust, Slash are all more desirable resists since primary template items usually fill the rest (especially since boots are typically one of two spell crafted pieces in a template). Can you take a look at spirit resists on items be changed for something with more utility?

We really, really, really, REALLY don’t like to change item stats, resists, or other bonuses once they’ve been released as many players will have already fit them in with the rest of their gear and any change would cause those players to have to reconfigure everything. Going forward, we can look at new items addressing some of the more uncommon resistances or stats. 

Does the durability of a harp effect chants ( speed, end, etc)? I was always under the impression that if it does not have a +skill you do not have to have it repaired.. many people are saying it's what's causing songs to drop.

The issue with the songs dropping has to do with a bug with “spell range increase” abilities (both from the new songs and from pre-existing items that have the ability). Any range increase ability will cause the rest of the songs on that player to end after a certain time has elapsed. Fortunately, we have a fix coming next week to address this as well as some other requested changes.

As to the question at hand, the durability% of an instrument doesn’t affect the use or duration of songs at all until the durability reaches 0% (in which case the item breaks completely). Similarly, an instrument’s condition% does not matter in regards to playing songs; nor does it affect their duration.

The only reason to repair an instrument is if the instrument has +skills bonuses on it. Any item that has +skills on it will not apply those +skills if the item is at 70% condition or less; it has nothing to do with instruments and songs specifically but is just a blanket rule for all equipment, including jewelry.

Can you clarify the parameters for obtaining a "solo kill" for /title count (not for solo quest)? Also, is there any plans to evaluate not worth opponents be worth solo kills? Currently if you kill someone solo and they are not worth RPS, you do not obtain a solo kill for /title count. This is disheartening especially since at times, you have no idea they may not be worth and use all of your RA's/abilities.

Certainly! A solo kill requires the following parameters to be met:

-The player earning the solo skill is ungrouped and otherwise receives no help during the kill (heals from other players, etc.)
-The player earning the solo kill does equal to or greater than 80% of the damage to the enemy player who is killed.
-The enemy player who is killed must be worth full realm points.

That’s it! The deathblow is not actually needed so long as the player did equal to or greater than 80% of the damage.

Stay tuned for our update early next week for some changes to /released characters’ “RP worth” timer as well as changes to the daily solo quest!

In the spirit of some of the quality of life (QOL) changes that have been implemented in the past 6-12 months, is there any chance a "Entrance market return token" could be added to the merchants next to all of the Market Explorers? This would allow players to purchase their desired zone token and then an additional entrance token and avoid all of the shuffle that is involved in finding an unlocked house with teleporters in it. It's a small question/change, but something that could save all players some time and frustration.

Great suggestion! Interestingly, this system is already setup and working but for some reason the Caerwent entrance, Meath entrance, and Erikstaad entrance return tokens were never added to the respective stores. Regardless, if you check in the housing regions you’ll see the entrance tokens available for purchase now!

Since MTX is released can you give us a sneak peek into upcoming features? I'd really love to be able to purchase a skin for my hunter pet that is automatically applied and/or some unique weapon skins (spear is lacking in cool factor!). Spending money on a game I enjoy has never been an issue for me and would love additional uniqueness, just want to see if you have intentions of this going forward.

We’re very excited about the response to the new Mithril shop and have been getting a lot of questions similar to this one. So it’s a perfect opportunity to lay out the general plan for “MTX” going forward:

  • We plan on introducing new cosmetic options on a monthly cadence. This means the next update will be around mid-August. The reason for this is that we absolutely want to flesh out our ‘MTX’ offerings as we can see that there is a huge appetite for many of these cosmetic options and several quality-of-life features; but our foremost focus is and always will be on the game itself. A monthly cadence for ‘MTX’ gives us time to give commensurate focus on both!
  • These updates will *generally* be small in nature as the bigger ‘MTX’ features are being worked on in the background. Obviously, once a big feature is ready, that month’s update will be big too!
  • Cosmetically-speaking, most updates in the near to mid-term will focus on equipment (armor or weapons) and not other cosmetic options like new character faces, body types, hair options, and the like. Eventually, we will have those for you though!
  • We are still toying with ideas on custom skins for things like pets or spells. While in theory those would be really cool, we also have to ensure that spell-effects and pets remain consistent with what players are used to seeing in combat. In other words, we really can’t stray too far afield there without hindering gameplay. At this time, we are not making concrete plans to introduce these sorts of options.
  • We have plans for the following non-cosmetic, quality-of-life “MTX” features right now (these would be the “big” features mentioned above):
  • Name changes
  • Race respecs
  • Gender respecs
  • Intra-Ywain server transfers
  • Account to Account transfers
  • Item durability repair

Thanks to everyone for getting in touch with your questions.

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