Friday Grab Bag - 06/30/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Jun 30 15:51 -0400 GMT
Following on from yesterday's Patch 1.123b notes, this week's Grab Bag answers questions sent in or asked around the forums regarding the changes and new MTX store!

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Read on for the Grab Bag!

I'm excited by the new pattern system and have tried it on Pendragon, having fun switching looks and patterns, but I've noticed some items that I want to pattern are not dyeable, such as the Otherwordly helms or Freezing items - can these be made dyeable? Also does the level requirement on items like these prevent my low level toons from patterning the look?

Enabling the pattern to overwrite the item’s dye settings is something we’ll look into! It may be that this limitation remains for the release of patch 1.123 though. For the requirements on patterning items, yes the ability to equip and use the item (along with matching the 2 items’ armor types or weapon damage types) is required before it can be patterned. This means that low level characters that want to equip and pattern high-end gear can only do so if there are no level, champion level, or other requirements preventing their equipping that gear. Even still, there are a lot of high-end items that do allow lower level characters to equip them!

I'm curious to see how the 20% attack speed reduction (ASR) effect follow up style works in conjunction with the 16% asr parry style itself. Does the 16% ASR effect from the parry style will negate the 20% ASR effect from the follow up or not?

The 16% ASR applies initially, then the follow-up style overwrites it with the 21% ASR version. Once the 21% version is up, the 16% version will not apply again until it has dropped because it’s not more powerful than the 21% version. You will see the combat message: “Your target already has that effect.”

Legendaries only come in one type, so is this meaning that leggies can't have different skins at all if we have to match them sword for sword and heat for heat? Or can we swap them between thruster and slasher legendaries?

Correct, legendary weapons will not be able to be patterned to different weapons, including to other legendary weapons or to any physical-damage weapon. This is to ensure that the weapon you see and recognize on your enemy is dealing the damage type that it normally deals; so as not to disrupt normal combat tactics.

With the new PvE campaign starting, and many quests in the frontier, is there any plans to increase the amount of quests our journals can have, and also allow us to remove more quests like the epics/champion quests, and such?

There are no immediate plans to increase the amount of room in the journal, unfortunately. However, we will definitely be taking a look at all of the unremovable quests in-game and seeing about drastically lessening their number for you!

That's it for this week, guys. Stay tuned to the Herald next week for info on our Item Database! :)