Friday Grab Bag - 06/02/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Jun 02 20:43 -0400 GMT
'Tis Grab Bag time!

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Read on for the questions!

Where will MTX be hosted and how does that translate to the game? Will an in-game UI exist? Will a new UI be released?

At first, Mithril shops will be very similar to regular in-game stores. You’ll visit a Mithril NPC and buy its items like you do with all other in-game stores. The difference is just that the store will only accept the new Mithril currency. So no, to start there is no new User Interface window, it will just be the existing in-game store window that you’re already familiar with but down the road we may add in a new window as the amount of items for sale grows and mandates that.

Mithril currency will be purchased on the website and will be redeemed as a code, very similar to how the Game-Time Codes work. Once a Mithril pack is purchased, users will redeem it on the website.

The unique thing about how Mithril will work is that once you apply the code, that amount of Mithril will be available on ALL Dark Age of Camelot accounts that exist under that EA email address login. In other words, if you pay for multiple accounts under the same email address, you’ll be able to buy a Mithril pack on the Origin store, redeem it once on the website and have the Mithril show up on both of your accounts in-game. Obviously, if you purchase an item on 1 account, the amount of remaining Mithril will be updated on the 2nd account.

This makes managing your Mithril funds across all of your accounts as easy as can be! That said, it’s yet another reason to secure your accounts and ensure that only you have access to them at all times.

There are many inconsistencies across the board on abilities and their descriptions or tooltips. Are any plans being made to update discrepancies players see between what an ability does versus the description? Other information might also be useful, such as block % cap, and what your character's numbers really are.

We are quite close to releasing our item database which will contain the same delve/tooltip information that is found in the game. After that, another big project on our plate is getting a spell, style, and ability database out there so that players can have updated ability info at their fingertips. With that project, we can take a look at stream-lining a lot of redundancies in the delve code to weed out many of the inconsistencies and potentially add more valuable and straightforward information as well!

Is the guild auto promotion turned off? How long must a guild be without an active rank 0 before the auto promotion kicks in?
Are there any plans to turn it back on?

Guild promotion is turned on and working.

It takes roughly 45 days before a new guild leader will be promoted, assuming the inactive guild leader remains inactive for that period and that there are active, non-rank 0 characters in the guild available for promotion.

If you are absolutely certain it’s been longer than 45 days, please file an Emergency Appeal stating the guild name, the inactive guild leader’s name, and when you think they last went inactive. Our CSRs can then investigate to see if there is an issue with the system or that guild; or inform you that the guild has a guild leader character that has been active in the past 45 days.

I was wondering how Mastery of Focus and Wild Power affect the Creeping FnF damage turrets and pet-delivered "direct" damage spells.

For the DD spells I assume those realm abilities work exactly like they do for other caster's DD spells. But for the DD turret pet I am not sure if WP has any effect at all (as they are pets). And will the MoF decrease the miss chance for FnF pets?

Wild Power and Mastery of Focus realm abilities only affect the Animist’s “bomber” direct damage abilities, which are technically fired by pets. The Fire and Forget forest heart pets are not affected by the Mastery of Focus or Wild Power realm abilities. Those pets can critically hit by training the Wild Minion realm ability, however!

I am an old school player from EU-Server Stonehenge and have been playing for a total of 15 years now. To be honest, I have absolutely no overview, how many characters I have created on all the several servers. Therefore I was wondering, if there will be a website and/or a client feature, to get an overview for all of my toons on all the different servers and in addition on the old archived servers aswell!

This is a feature we would really like to add to our account center website but unfortunately is not quite ready yet. However, our CSRs are happy to give you a rundown of where your characters are. Simply file an Emergency Appeal in-game requesting a rundown of your accounts’ characters and their server locations. In most cases, that information will be emailed to you within a couple days. The CSRs will only provide the location of level 50 characters as accounts sometimes have many dozens of non-50 characters. If you do want to know where your non-level 50 characters are, just be sure to explicitly state so in your appeal, and they’ll name the servers in their reply!

Happy Friday all! :)