Friday Grab Bag - 04/21/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Apr 21 14:47 -0400 GMT
Friday Grab Bag fun time is upon us. Take a min and enjoy this week's questions!

Don't forget you can send in your questions for the Grab Bagthrough our submission form here. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

On we go...

Why is it that cc spells (root, mezz, etc) land even though I stealth as soon as someone starts to cast? On my scout if someone I'm attacking stealths or if I lose LoS (line of sight), my shot fails.  Either it fires and hits nothing or it won't fire at all cause they're no longer visible. But with casters and cc, it's like they get a free insta as it lands regardless even though they no longer have LoS. This is in reference to casted cc spells, not their insta spells.

All classes experience the same line of sight checks when casting on stealthed targets. If a spell caster is more than halfway through their cast and their target is in view or unstealthed at that point, the spell will finish. This is the same way archery shots work in regards to casting on stealthed or out of line of sight targets. Additionally, spell-interrupts function the same way in that if the cast is more than halfway completed when an interrupting ability lands, that cast will still complete but the subsequent cast will trigger the interruption timer.  All of these systems are working as designed.

I've recently started playing a Mentalist and I noticed that the spell Derangement (lvl 40 confuse spell in Mentalism spec) has no effect on theurgist pets. It delves the same as other spec confuses, which do work on theurg pets. Is this intended? If so, what is the purpose of this spell and why does it delve as a confuse?

In our testing, these confuse spells in the Mentalism specialization affect theurgist pets in the same way that confuse spells on other classes do. The likely scenario where the confuse didn’t work is in a 1v1 environment where the theurgist pet has no other target to change to. It is the act of changing targets that causes the theurgist pet to be dispelled by confuse, so if there were no other targets for it to change to when you cast confuse, it won’t be dispelled.

On a crafted pieces, armor or weapon. There are Imbued, enchanted, glowing and ensorcelled dust, in each of the following: Silvery, Golden, Mithril & Platinum. What is the breakdown for using? Is there a better one for the weapon or armor pieces. It is by a level of the piece is there a different result using say for example Mithril enchanted dust over Platinum ensorcelled dust?

The Spellcrafter may enchant items with a bonus (similar to what NPC enchanters have been providing, but at a higher cost). To do this, the Spellcrafter uses dusts (coppery imbued dusts to platinum ensorcelled dusts) and combines them with the item in question to graft an enchantment bonus on it. The enchantment bonus can go all the way to 35% for the highest level items, and you can imbue partial enchantments (if, for example, you wish to save on the cost of dusts). You can also enchant an item partially and then come back later to imbue the remainder. You'll see all of this reported in your chat window when you combine the dust to the weapon or armor.

Your bonus is based on the dust you use, with the Coppery Enchanted Dust, your bonus is 3%. The other dusts provide higher bonuses.

For level 50s, crafted armor and weapons should aim to have a 35% magic bonus from enchanting.

I like the new dragons curse campaign. I was wondering about the items on the merchant. I wanted to know if you will be adding more to the merchant. The weapons for one, there are no weapons for my stealther. Bow would be good and a 1h thrust. plus a 2h weapon would be great. Also will the items be able to be re skinned with MTX?

Glad to hear you are enjoying the campaign! We will be updating the items available for purchase with aurulite as the campaign continues.

For MTX, we’d eventually like to add a robust item-reskinning system but for the first iteration we will only be offering existing items with different, but un-changing skins.

Will there ever be improvements to Minstrel/general stealth spec? In the past it wasn't much of an issue but with the multitude of items (Savage cloak, Shades of Mist, etc.) and abilities (track, improved assassin detect/movement, assassin/archer group stealth detect) it's getting harder to stay hidden from classes that shouldn't be able to find stealthed characters easily.

Given the fantastic utility that Minstrels provide to the “stealth game” as a whole, upping their stealth abilities has to be done with great care. That said, we can give the line a look, along with the rest of the general improvements coming to the class (among many others!) in patch 1.123.

Thanks as always for your questions, keep sending them in!
Have a good weekend, all :)