Friday Grab Bag - 02/24/17

Posted by Community | 2017 Feb 24 12:12 -0500 GMT
The Grab Bag doth return!

Below we have 5 questions collected from the community by our Knights to get us started. If you want to send in your questions for a future Grab Bag, you can do so through our Grab Bag submission form

Additionally, we have been blown away by the amount of responses to our playerbase survey. Thank you for the several thousand (OMG!) responses and for taking the time to give us such valuable feedback and insight. The survey is now CLOSED while we analyse and discuss the results internally. We will return with a follow up survey soon, so keep your eyes on the Herald!

Onto the questions!

Have you considered adding any color effects to say a players shoulders or somewhere to signify if they have certain abilities up? I'd love a small way to be able to read what my opponent may have up, even if its not super easy to tell. Purge, Moc, ML abilities and class defining seem like the most important for my solo and small man style of play. To add on to this would it be possible to show if a specific items abilities are active by making it more sparkly?

Many of these are good quality of life suggestions that fall under our over-arching goal of improving the UI/UX (user interface/user experience) of the game. While we haven’t gotten to the point with the game client or UI to specifically look at these suggestions yet, we’ll certainly keep them in mind when we do!

What is the internal process for the feedback forms?

Each feedback is read by myself, the Producer, and if warranted, shared with relevant members of the team. Topics from feedback are sometimes discussed on our internal boards as well if we want more insight on them.

The best types of feedback we receive are ones that highlight an issue, explain the context of how it affects their experience/play-style/realm/class directly in-game, and then offer some possible solutions.

We do *not* reply to feedback as it would be a severe resource drain and the topics that would merit a reply are worth replying to the whole player-base instead of just to one person.  If you do want a discussion about your idea(s), the best bet is to post the feedback on Postcount’s Dark Age of Camelot board or on the upcoming official forums when they launch. There, other players will be able to discuss and expand on your ideas and we may chime in as well!

Some new items have been added to the game since the introduction of Platinum Bound Chests. Can we expect their loot tables to be updated to reflect the additions?

Eventually. There are no immediate plans to add these new items to the chests. Our immediate focus is taking a hard look at item procs/uses and addressing the really powerful ones; as well as addressing the amount of /uses a player can have up at once. Once that re-balancing has been done (coming in patch 1.123!), we can take a look at which new items still deserve to go in these chests.

Can the ruined keeps be returned to their original state? Or return non home realm porting?

Good question! This is a great example of a popular feedback topic that warrants a broader response. We receive a lot of positive feedback about the Ruined Keeps from solo and small-man players. However, we also receive a good chunk of feedback from large-scale focused players who would like to see the Ruined Keeps made whole again. We’re going to take the slow approach here and will be allowing non-home realms to once again port to these ruined structures in 1.122C. Depending on how things look in RvR after that change, as well as your continued feedback, we’ll revisit the decision to leave them ruined.

What is Broadsword's opinion about the support classes in their current state, especially following patch 1.121 and the changes most of them got with it?

Overall, we feel that Bards and Shamans are in the best place out of all the support (including Healers, Druids, Clerics, Regrowth Wardens, and Rejuvenation Friars when using the term ‘support’) with the recent adjustments in 1.122. While Clerics are preforming better with the new mesmerize in Smite and Druids are faring better with their pet improvements, we still feel that the lesser-used lines are lacking (Nature, Cave, and Smite). However, given the lessons learned from the 1.121 and 1.122 updates, we are looking at only minor tweaks and adjustments focused around those lesser-used lines in the 1.123 update.

That's it for this week! Happy Friday all :)

Carol <3