Battle Herald: News from the Frontlines

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 22 11:24 -0400 GMT
Albion was wreathed in battle Sunday evening when Hibernian forces smashed Caer Sursbrook while Midgard sacked the keeps surrounding Hadrian’s wall. The defenders were not idle however, as groups of Albionian’s engaged the invaders at Boldiam and Berkstead. Just as the Hibernians were pushed south, the defenders were flanked by a Midgardian horde out of Caer Erasleigh. Midgard nearly ran the defenders down, but Albion reinforcements stormed in from the east and sent the Midgardian’s fleeing for Erasleigh.

The Midgard host regrouped in the north and managed to take Caer Benowyc while the Hibernians became locked in a siege of Caer Boldiam. Having taken the northern keeps, a small contingent of Midgardian forces drew out the Albionian defenders at Caer Renaris. A squad from Albion came to suppress the attack, but was quickly swarmed from every direction as the full numbers of the Midgardian war-band emerged from the woods where they had concealed themselves. Just when it looked certain that Caer Renaris would fall and Midgard would reclaim Thor’s Hammer, Albionian reinforcements once again arrived to drive the invaders from Midgard. After insuring Albion’s continued possession of the Thor’s Hammer, the victorious war-band marched toward Caer Boldiam to deal with the Hibernian’s still attempting their siege.